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Butterscotch recipe?


Hi! I have mostly TFA and Vape Wild flavours and one of the e liquid recipes I just can’t get right is Butterscotch. I’ve tried several recipes on here but mine turned out horrible! Anyone have a tried and tested yummy butterscotch recipe with the above companys’ concentrates? Like the Werthers sweets? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



This is very good IMO:


Sorry @Ria1 I don’t have any Vape Wild flavors, not any recipes for them, but those I listed above should take you to a new level of BS enjoyment.


No vapewild here either and I haven’t used tpa butterscotch for a few years - it is just not the best butterscotch. That said in general terms adding caramel or/and brown sugar and maybe some cream will help most butterscotch recipes. Sorry to not be able to help more.


Thanks for replying Woftam :smiley:


Thanks so much for going to all the trouble. I really appreciate it! :smiley:


:rofl: I know what it means, but it sounded hilarious in my head!


Your not alone when it comes to Butterscotch. I strike out too.
Might like to read:


The butterscotch i prefer is Butterscotch (Flavorah), Butterscotch Ripple (FW) and Butterscotch (VTA).

You will find many nice recipes among the top recipes for those in case you want to give any of them a try, the Flavor West is the most popular:


Dont forget the one by our m.i.a. bud @Ken_O_Where


Thanks so much Brotherbob! If I succeed I’ll let you know :smiley:


Thanks so much Lummy! I’ll be busy trying these out! :smiley: