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Buybest Giveaway: Share Your Flash Sale Wishlist, Win What You Want!


Hey guys,

If you ever visited our site, you might find there is a flash sale section which is updated with 6 products every three days. Have you ever been surprised by our flash sale prices but feel it a pity that your favorite items are not on the list? Well now, you would be happy with our newly launched “Flash Sale Wishlist” event. By joining in this event, you can decide what products will be added to our flash sale section and even have a chance to WIN the product you choose.

How to do?

  1. Share your desired products from our site to Facebook and tag us (@buybestcom) to let us know.
  2. The product with FB share numbers up to 300, would be chosen as a flash sale item.
  3. For each flash sale product ≥ 300 shares, we’d choose a lucky winner to get the device for free.

Special prize for e-liquid-recipes friends

  1. Watching our daily news update thread

  2. Comment below you favorite product with link (presale products are excluded).

  3. Each participant can post two times every day.

We will choose 1 winner to get 1 free product that he/she post in the comment.

The winner will be picked via random.org on August 17, 2018.

Thank you & good luck

Regards, Buybest!



8-10 #1

I like the look of this mod.

@philfish @BoDarc @robin @Laura5 @Eddiepraysforpeace @Mix_and_Hope @SessionDrummer @paingawd @TorturedZen @delltrapp


so do we just keep posting stuff we want? or just say Hey, for the rest of em?


You mean just the two of us and then fight it out at the end? :laughing:
Twice a day post what you want and I suppose throw a couple of tags in for the other peeps.
I will do that later, just woke up need caffeine :sleeping:

@eStorm @Fishaddict420 @CosmicTruth @Cosmic @Lostmarbles @adary @TheTinMan @Sprkslfly @Jim22 @jhmiller


#1 this is kinda different


#1. https://www.buybest.com/product/Arctic-Dolphin-Arthur-Stabilized-Wood-TC-MOD_48287.html


#2. https://m.buybest.com/product/211W-Hugo-Vapor-Boxer-Rader-MOD_51239.html


8-10 #2

I would like this one in black.


Thanks for the tag @Josephine_van_Rijn :heart:

And it has to be :drum: https://www.buybest.com/product/200W-Lost-Vape-Paranormal-DNA250C-Mod_58319.html :sob:
Oh well…
My Daughters Mag has seen better days and yes, she has the pink one.


I just love a centered 510






The Triade is in pre-sale and thus excluded from this giveaway :slightly_frowning_face:

I would’ve picked that one if it had been possible :+1:


Thank you for the tag. I already have one, but it’s a great mod, so https://buybest.com/product/200W-Lost-Vape-Paranormal-DNA250C-Mod_58367.html


Post 1 for today. https://m.buybest.com/product/Wismec-Reuleaux-DNA200-TC-Mod_40969.html


Post 2. For today. Yeah I really want this one. https://m.buybest.com/product/Wismec-Reuleaux-DNA200-TC-Mod_40969.html


8/10 1) https://m.buybest.com/product/222W-GTRS-VBOY-TC-Box-MOD_57568.html


8/10 2) https://m.buybest.com/product/222W-GTRS-VBOY-TC-Box-MOD_57568.html


8/10 #1
Watching our daily news update thread