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Buybest National Day Giveaway: $0.1 Start Your Group Buy, Win Vaporesso Revenger X Kit -10/09



A dual battery mod and an RTA (and a little spare cotton)



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Adary over and out

  1. I think I get the group buy thing but I don’t think I can make it work for me or others. It’s a decent cost reduction for bulk purchase but just not something I could coordinate.

  1. I hope this doesn’t disqualify this entry but starting a group buy is simply a no go.

  1. Every time I travel it’s different. Kinda like every day. I grab what looks good to me at the time and make sure I have batteries, a way to charge them and juice. I always have “back-ups”.


4, I consider most everyone my friend here but here are a few that I can remember how to spell: @Josephine_van_Rijn @Mix_and_Hope @delltrapp



That’s a real accomplishment my friend :laughing:, just entering to add to the numbers. I spend the last few days sorting out my vape gear and have finally put everything in two separate boxes.
One box with (relatively) old gear and one with the latest.

Group buy? Looking at those two boxes I look like the organiser of a group buy :blush:

I wish everybody a lot of luck :four_leaf_clover:


I’ve seen this done on some online buying sites but have never tried it. Not sure how to feel about it.


Don’t really need to buy anything right now.


A dual 18650 mod, rda on top of it and a bottle of juice.


@Mew @worm1 @Fishaddict420


@Laura5 @Silhouette @Mix_and_Hope


“Get in the box”

“I don’t wana go in a box!”

“I don’t care. In the box!”

“Help! She’s stuffing me in a box!”


I’m stuffing everything in boxes at the moment, they’re going to renovate our block in about a year or so and I’m already sorting through all my shit to see what I want to take and what not.
Everything I’m not using is packed in a box.

Needless to say the New Gear box is open.
I’m just dreading this whole moving business and don’t want to leave everything to the last moment.
Is there such a thing as starting too early?


Everyone may have different ideas what item to buy as a group!

except maybe…



There has to be a catch, no way we could buy this for 0.10 ?


Lol, probably not. Unless of course you get some overwhelming urge for that packed away atty.


I just bring my mod and charger and juice and my wife, her gear is my residual backup


I bet the catch is 1 person gets the 0.10 price, everyone else pays full price, and you loose your 0.10 if you don’t buy it?

this would be nice for 0.10

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Does anyone know how the buybest.com group buy works?