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Buybest National Day Giveaway: $0.1 Start Your Group Buy, Win Vaporesso Revenger X Kit -10/09


RULES (fine print)

  1. Presale items are available for group buy; but they will be shipped out when we have them in stock if group buy succeed.

  2. Some products like Joyetech, Eleaf, Wismec brands, Flash Sale devices, and items priced at more than $300, are excluded for group buy.

  3. The entrance for starting a group buy has been set up in every product page; Invitees can only join in the group buy via a specified link with the inviter’s unique ID.

  4. Once joining in the group buying, you can not quit in the midway; you can not cancel your order if the group buy succeeds; if no quality problem, we don’t support refund for group buy items.

  5. One shopper can only have at most five ongoing groups. When one group ends, he/she can start a new group.

  6. Once a group buying starts, the price won’t be changed before it’s closed. Invitees enjoy free shipping when orders over $20, while inviters only pay $0.1, no ship fee.

  7. The number of participants for a group depends on the value of specific item.

  8. Once any cheating means found, we have the right to disqualify the participant from the group buy activity. The right to interpret belongs to Buybest.

if only I had $1120.50 to spend I could get 11 DNA’s to pass out to all my friends :smile:

  1. I’m not doing group buy, but if anyone does, go for it.

  1. Thank you for the tag @SmilingOgre !

  1. I have 2 working mods right now, paranormal 250c and voopoo drag. I usually carry my paranormal

  1. Tagging @Pikachu @masrock @Mausberg maybe you want to join?

  1. Good luck everyone.


Think of it like a pyramid scam…
Basically, the premise is “the more that buy (your chosen single item), the cheaper it’s supposed to get”.


Sorry but no thanks. In a group buy, the first buyer starts the group buy on a specific item and pays $0.01. Then each buyer after that gets 10% off the price of the same initial item only. Once the set amount of purchases is reached, then the item ships. If within a predetermined time limit enough purchases are not made, no items ship and your money is returned. So basically 1 person gets something for a penny and everyone else gets 10% off.



AAHHH. Thanks for explaining that bro. I agree, not worth it.

and my homie @Sprkslfly, thanks for the info.


No problem brother. Just so everyone understands, this is not a scam but an actual marketing tool (they mention this technique in college). So even though it seems like a scam, it’s just a way to make a deal seem better than it actually is.



Based on the information I have gained from fellow forum members, I do not think I would ever participate in a group buy, because it is only one person, the original buyer, getting a really good deal…



Sorry, but no thanks…



Usually a squonk mod with whatever RDA I have that is not in need of a new build or a good scrubbing :upside_down_face:



@BlabZz @BiGGuN @Bad_Madame



Hope you all enjoy your “National Day Golden Week” @buybest!!!


1 Cool idea!


2 Vapor storm raptor+wotofo profile rda


3 started))


4 Group buy is a cool idea!


5 Group buy is coolest on Buybest!