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Buybest National Day Giveaway: $0.1 Start Your Group Buy, Win Vaporesso Revenger X Kit -10/09


#1 Pretty cool i think


#2 i don’t need to buy anything now :thinking:


#3 Istick Pico Kit


#4 @delltrapp @Pikachu @tbt127


#5 good luck everyone :call_me_hand:


Most people would define that as a scam, buy best is great for that. They posted this Easter egg thing on their site this year, I found out about it as i was price checking some things I wanted to pick up. I entered their thing and it said I won a 5 dollar off code, what it didn’t say and I had to find out through emailing them is that I needed to spend 80$ to get the 5$ off, I’m not team free shit but I also haven’t been back to their site since lol.

  1. [quote=“buybest, post:1, topic:208965”]
    How do you think of this group buy? Any suggestion?

To much complicated

  1. I started something and got this code IJK9JW1F :rofl:

  1. the smaller the better… Swags with Galaxies and Berserker.

  1. @guitarlove1709 @GUS_SINGH @guitarofozz

  1. @SessionDrummer @Cutlass92 @Jazzy_girl


I definately agree with not buying from them. I will say what they do is very common. Legally it’s not a scam it just uses the fact that most people don’t read the fine print. It’s definately shadey and worth avoiding companies that do that.


looks to me like this giveaway backfired.

Not only am I on team free, :poop: but I want to be the Captain. :tada: :sunglasses: :smiling_imp:


1 Amazing!


2 Done))))


3 Awesome !


4 Disposable pod


5 Good luck to all!)


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Trying to help get to 80 entries!
gear do you usually carry around when travelling?
Wismec hiflask is my daily carry at the moment… Good coils, nice battery life… small and compact. Good carry mod!


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