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Buying a mod online


I may be jumping in late but for $27 dollars us for this monster clone of the Sith is awesome quad mech clone that’s just as e as the $275 authentic I got his mech mod and the only reaction I am gonna have is buying one in every color tgis thing is t now i can vape with my massive aliens at .11 ohm dual coil at 120w+ for hours of chain vaping absolutely love it.


Heres the link for gearbest man,

Wismec RX300 silver-carbon

it’s them that have exclusive rights to sell to the UK :thumbsup: free shipping though.


It looks like I’ll have to investigate this company’s payment options. If they take Visa I’ll order from them to at least have back ups for the black model. I got my mods yesterday from an allegedly reputable seller on Ebay and they’re crap. The purple may be authentic but it’s defective and the black ones are just cheap, nasty clones. Not even good clones. The retailer had a 99% positive rating out of thousands of reviews. Thankfully my friend who ordered for me used PayPal and has a strong reputation with both Ebay and PayPal both as a seller and buyer so he’s going to take care of it but it leaves me still on the hunt for my elusive back up mods.


Which did you get?


I’m trying to get these, two in black and one in purple.


These are the original VTC versions. I have one silver and one purple. I also have a black in the pro version which looks like this.


I only got the mod in black since I have plenty of tanks and they look identical but the newer version has some fancy newer features which I don’t use and the battery life is only about a third of the original version.

I know it’s not a super fancy mod like most people enjoy but it’s the kind that works for me. Once I find something I like, I stick with it until something better comes along. The Pro version is probably better for people who would use all the features but I don’t, I adjust my wattage between 20-30, down to 15 when starting up a new coil but that’s it. That’s all I need.


Bumping this because I did take the plunge on these guys. At these wonderful prices I was able to get three black Original VTC Targets. They arrived two weeks later authentic, factory sealed all in working order. These guys are bookmarked! :heart_eyes: