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Buying a mod online


Hi all, pretty new here so I’m sorry if this should be posted somewhere else but… I’ve not been vaping for long (3 months) and I’ve been using a Coolfire Plus and really like it, but I’ve got to the point where I need another mod in case of failures etc and I really fancy the Wismec RX300 that’s just come out. Question is I’ve seen it on Everzon for nearly half the price I can get it anywhere else https://www.everzon.com/wismec-reuleaux-rx300-tc-box-mod.html Has anyone else dealt with them before? I’m just wondering if this is one of those things where it really is too good to be true. Little help please before I waste my money, thanks in advance.


I’ve never used them but I’m seeing the rx300 from $43-59.99 at a lot of sites so the price is probably legit.


Thanks, but you guys always seem to get a good deal, I’m talking British £’s and I’m seeing them around the £70-£80 mark so I’m a bit cautious. Really jealous about USA prices mate, my faves for vaping are Pennywise and Farley’s Gnarley and the prices are ridiculous over here. Thanks for the reply.


If they turn out to be reliable and the gear is authentic let us know. I’ve never heard of them but they have a really hard to find mod at a jaw dropping price. I just paid almost three times what they’re charging.


Yeah, that’s why I’m not sure if I should risk it or not. They take Paypal though so I guess it should be safe enough?


Yeah me too, lol. Then again, the mod I’m looking for is pretty much discontinued although still popular. Most places have raised their prices or they just don’t have them anymore. :cry:


Might sit tight for a day or two and see if anyone else has dealt with them, really tempted to give it a go at that price though.


This looks like a wholesale operation. If half the price, yes, perhaps if you buy in quantity. I would not send them any money for a quantity of one, your money may disappear.


not sure about this company but ive seen them online here in the USA for 43 to 80 usd compare that price to fasttech or another chinese company if it way cheaper than those places then maybe you better research a little more to be safe


efun.top has it for 40.00 US. Remember that Chinese New Year starts next week and all shipping will be delayed quite a bit. May not get if for a month or more.


I’ve bought from Everzon and they are legit, but efun.top, Fastech, and Heavengifts are usually cheaper.


When i reveiwed it couple of weeks ago these guys were selling it for £42 if that helps at all 🖒


Try heavensgifts or gearbest it takes about 7 days to deliver but prices are great


i have never shopped from them but i do watch a lot of vape review videos and i know that everzon does sponsor some them or at least send them vape stuff for review (ie. Mike Vapes, Vapor trail channel) so my guess would be that it is a safe site.


Thanks guys, really appreciate the replies, you’ve all been a lot of help. Haven’t taken the plunge and placed an order yet but you’ve all given me a few options. Thanks again, good community.


Think I can get you 15% off at Heavengifts, if you need it give me a shout :thumbsup:


I’m up for that if they can do the silver/carbon fiber one mate, thanks.


Thanks mate, works for me (payday yesterday!), be placing that order in a mo, cheers for the help bud, owe you a pint if ever you’re in Cornwall!


Not as often as I’d like to be fella :wink: love Fistral beach, awesome place…been drunk there many times…not for along time though :wink:
no worries man, happy to help :+1:


dude!..scrap that, won’t work, they wont sell Wismec to the UK…someone else has the monopoly on it, happens all the time, Try Gearbest dude
I just had a thought so I checked :confounded: