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Buying from the companies that do our giveaways


I received a message recently from @June from Gearbest stating that the prize I had recently won
was on its way.

In replying and thanking her, I mentioned that since I had started entering the giveaway competitions,
I had started buying almost exclusively from Gearbest, it is true, during the first giveaway I entered,
I did not win, but bought a Reuleux RX2/3 as a result of the exposure the comp was giving, and
since then I have bought several other items too.

When I told her this, she mentioned that in future I should try and make sure that my purchases
came via forum links, thereby benefitting everybody: Most websites have some sort of traffic
tracking so that links can be recognised by their source, ie if you have come from google, from
entering the address in your browser or whether it has come as a clickthrough from E-Liquid-Recipes:
@June will get recognised for doing a fantastic job promoting Gearbest, and ELR will be noted as
a source of much of their customer base, thereby encouraging the company to continue the fantastic
deals and giveaways that they are giving us. I will personally only ever go to Gearbest Via a forum link
from now on … it’s the least I can do. :slight_smile:

While I have written this post about Gearbest, for whom I have developed a loyalty thanks to their
generosity and excellent service, I imagine that the same would apply to @Heaven_Gifts & @Vapesourcing
all of whom have supported us, and all of whom have regular and excellent deals and all of whom deserve
our support in return.

Thank you to all the companies who have come to and become part of our forum, you have my support
and my business.

Here endeth the waffling soliloquy


June and heavens gifts has been great. Sadly I clear al cookies history and cache. That’s part of the reason why I think a lot of venders give site specific discounts…like elr10…to really dive further down the rabbit hole in the analytics of how people find websites.


If I had time, I would alter Gearbest and HeavenGifts links to affiliate links, but I don’t really do that - they don’t give much, but then again, a lot of small things… :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel pretty strongly about the fact we should give them our money if we can. The two times I won I made sure I told people about the companies on other social media platforms as well.

Speaking of that… Nicotine River just shipped me flavor’s faster than a bolt of lightning!


I have purchased from them in last couple of days from link on here and prices are great