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Can I download my recipes?


Is there a way to download all the recipes I’ve created at once?


You can export your recipes. Click on “My Page” on the upper right of the page and you will see the options available to export.



Thanks so much!!!


Yes, but good luck interpreting that from home.

I’ve been able to download it, mangle it (because notes with carriage returns are spread on separate lines), then import it into an Excel spreadsheet, but…
It only preserves hard %'s of flavors, doesn’t have specific gravities of the individual flavors, and therefore, it’s not all that easy to adjust / mix a specific amount with the downloaded recipe.

It’s great for me to look up specific flavors, and which recipes contain that flavor, so I can go to the ELR recipe site and look up / modify / mix that recipe. – Like when you order a flavor, but can’t remember what recipe that flavor was for, but I found that on the ELR recipe site, you can look up a flavor name in “your recipes” and it’ll do the same thing, but a lot easier.


In spite of all the technical goodies on ELR, I too have been confused by the apparent inability to download a recipie in a format that is word processor or spreadsheet friendly. I like to save a recipie on my computer in editable format so I can add notes over time or print hard copy. I need everything, not just the flavors, as I experiment with PG/VG rations and NIC concentration.

On my Windows system, the “Copy as” options under the wrench icon dropdown do nothing in Chrome and Firefox. They only work in IE, and then they only output flavors.

I’m currently using two “tricks”. One is to print the recipie page from a browser to a PDF file, then use one of a dozen free on-line tools to convert that PDF to a Word document. None of those that convert PDF to Excel seem to work. Another way is to select and cut the recipie from the browser and paste into a word document. For some reason that does not work with Microsoft Word, just get misaligned junk. But it does work with LibreOffice.

Anybody know a better way, I’d love to hear it.


OneNote from Microsoft is worth a look