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Can someone help me create a good all day vape


With stuff of my stash please I like cereals. Creams candies whatever really I’d be thank full will take any help. Cheese cakes pies just whatever I’m kinda new by thank you


I see you have about 71 recipes posted on the other side. None of those ever stood out for you?


Only a few working on deleting most now I can other thought I made them private and only showed the good ones


I just found this on ATF and mixed up a sample a few days ago. Due to the lower % I was afraid it would fade, but it’s still going strong. As a result I just whipped up a 300ml batch. It’s super delicious and is a super simple recipe.

Edit: Sorry, just checked out your stash and noticed you don’t have the marshmallow, mango, or sweetener.


Might find some ideas in this search:



Paste a link to your stash.



My flavor stash


Now click the box to make your flavor stash public.


I put it on there thanks


Everytime i click your link it goes to my flavor stash … How weird


Hehehe that is the generic link for your own flavour stash
@Johncox245 's stash is



I was trippen , especially with stones in his stash etc lmao


I was thinking they could make some damn good recipes with that stash til i got to the D’s and thought, well fuck, that is my stash.



My bad this is mine sorry


Anything decent I can make with this stash


Have you tried the what can I make function?


Im sure u can , problem for me is you have ALOT of TPA and i havent used much of those in years … You can take the 2 Blueberries add a cream and graham cracker , sugar cookie or biscuit … If you want a cereal use you fruit circles and silly rabbit with Bavarian cream , Meriingue and cheesecake with graham crust … Also take the Cap lemon meringue pie , biscuit and vanilla xustard … There are quite a bit of things just dont over complicate things start with 3 to 5 flaves add marshmallow for sweetness


Funny thing is i just woke from quick nap and read his posts that said something about the government … Thought we were being screwed with


Don’t dismiss single flavoured vapes, I enjoy apple, cola and mango. All day long.


Ya there are a few i like as well RFSC Straw Milk shake mmmmm so good