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Can you please recommend which flavors are a must try from Real Flavors


Good idea… then I can put the remainder of that 30ml bottle in the fridge, because it’s gonna last a looong time at this rate! Actually, I think I could use the Sourdough Doughnut mix to accent the next batch…

I also ordered Baklava and Molasses extracts. Better make testers with these (which I should have done with the Baked Bread).

@Walt_RealFlavors: hey bud, got a recommendation for percentage range for the Baklava? My wife really wants to try that one.


I did my Baklava tester at 2% and made a 100ml batch after testing the small bottle over a couple of weeks. I also did French Toast and Pumpkin Pie at 2% in testers and eventually 100ml bottles of those at 2% also. I may try the latter two at 2.5 and/or 3% in the future but I doubt I will take the Baklava above 2%.


@Walt_RealFlavors - any plans for a tapioca pudding in the extract form?


Interesting… We will have to see ha


OMG the strawberry extract is, simply put…AWESOME!!!

For what ever reason, I can no longer taste RF strawberry. For that matter I can’t taste several of their flaves. I got rid of a lot of their flavors. I have a few lef t but I won’t be buying anymorrr…


I just ordered real flavors pineapple, banana and red hot cinnamon. Has anybody tried these? If so what % would you recommend? I’ll be using the cinnamon for cinnamon apple danish, the pineapple for pina colada and banana for banana nut bread and strawnana custard. Any input would be appreciated.


for banana:

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 1.6% (Median: 1.6%)
Minimum used quantity: 1.5%
Maximum used quantity: 1.7%


Thank you @Fozzy71 I will start with the 1.5% and go from there.


Pink Candy Burst was a great flavor. I used tfa sweetener and a few drops of sour I steep in an heated ultrasonic for 2 to 4 hours


Red Hot Cinnamon is very strong. 0.1% is noticeable in mix.


Recipe I did recently:

Apple SC 1.65%
Graham Cracker SC 0.4%
Red Hot Cinnamon SC 0.1%
Vanilla Custard SC 0.35%

Turned out not bad, but requires some diacetyl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was just looking for a tapioca extract yesterday!


I love this one! And if you want to turn it up a little @Amy2 has a great pink starburst recipe. It uses the RF pink burst flavor and she added in a few extra flavor notes. It’s Amazing!