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Can you please recommend which flavors are a must try from Real Flavors


I am getting ready to place my first order, I have never used their flavors. Are there any flavors that are a Must try ? Thank you.

Drunken Custard - Barrel and Wood Steeping Methods

I love so many of them I know there are even newer blends coming out all the time @MysticRose uses them frequently.

As do I but she has some of the newest flavors.
For my favorite Picks of theirs I’d say
Blueberry Acai Pomegranate
Strawberry pastry w/ frosting
Cinnamon Custard
Cookies & Cream
Strawberry Milkshake
Peanut Butter cup

There’s a whole new learning curve when using these guys as you may use more than a typical pg flavor and the steep time increases but when they come around they are delicious. I just finished a batch that was 2 months old tasted better today than it did a month ago they just keep getting better and better.

I like Birthday cake , vanilla custard , cake batter , marshmallow , vanilla ice cream but have yet to find a true % where I am in love with these.


RF that have gotten 4 or 5 stars from me so far are bread pudding, cookies and cream, coconut, apple pie, banana bread, blackberry, blood orange, butterscotch pudding, pistachio, cinnamon donut, shamrock shake.


Thank you JoJo.


Wow, Thank you, I am really excited to try these new flavors.


I still have quite a few on my wish list. But these are in my regular rotation:

Coconut Cream Pie
Bread Pudding
Cinnamon Custard
Condensed Sweetened Milk–Seriously addicted, this is phenomenal in most bakeries, creams, and custards.
Peanut Butter Cookie
Butterscotch Pudding
Cream Soda
Lemon Cake

Haven’t tried them yet with a steep, but smelled amazing. Waiting for a full month steep, but looks promising:

Butter Toffee
Dreamsicle-it’s an orange pineapple vanilla cream.


Ohhh, and shamrock shake is pretty good too :slight_smile:


Personally, I’d recommend skipping straight to his new “flavor extracts” listings…as they’re supposed to be more on par with the ‘usual crowd’ of preferred companies (percentage-wise).

Though they’re so new that I haven’t had a chance to try them yet. So take it for whatever it’s worth.


On top of the others mentioned I will add the following:
French Toast
Cinnamon Toast
Sugar Cookie
I love the Bread Pudding , Shamrock Shake , Cinnamon Custard , Vanilla Custard , Blueberry Muffin , Cookies and Cream and Apple Pie but honestly I have over 30 of the Real Flavors and very, very, few are what I would consider problem flavors and the majority of those were beta samples.
@Amy2 nailed it as the percentages can be a little more than others , Some feel that only flavors that use less than 5-6% are to be considered “premium” flavors , I do not.
I am more concerned about the taste quality of the flavors than the percentages that I have to use.Simply put if it takes 10-15% of flavoring to be great , I can live with that , others can’t.


I agree with this completely! I couldn’t have said it better myself! I still have so many I want to try, Have you tried the Cherry Pie or Rocky Road Ice Cream. Those are like 2 of my hubby’s favorite things.

I will have to mix and retry the Vanilla Custard again. When I tried it, I wasn’t very impressed. It wasn’t bad, just not a stand out. I’m going to revisit it. The possibility exists that my palate was too overwhelmed with all the testing to get the more delicate flavors of vanilla custard.


I think we are closer on our individual tastes than what it appears.As you know most RF are really good as stand alone flavors that don’t need much to accent the taste , most are pretty well rounded with all the minor notes in the background.
I found the Vanilla Custard to be a good flavor but nothing impressive until I started using it to accent other mixes.It has a wonderful buttery , milky , sweet , vanilla cream that plays well with other mixes around 2-4%.
It will develop into a thicker Custard type flavor with a longer steep time but I don’t think I will ever find any Custard I like more than Caps V1 and this is no different.
I also use the RF Sugar Cookie more to help round out a mix more than use it for the foundation ,although it is a very good stand alone flavor.

I have not but I have read some wonderful reviews and both will be ordered this weekend.


I didnt realize that Northwest flavors and real flavors were the same brand. I have the Blueberry Acai Pom. Have you mixed the blueberry as a single flavor ?


The only one I’ve tried so far is rocky road ice cream and it’s amazing. If you like the flavors in the combo (chocolate ice cream, almond, marshmallow) I can’t recommend it enough. I mixed at 7% and it needs at least a two week steep. Delicious.


Do you drip or tank?


I don’t believe I ever tried their BB as a SA if I were to venture into doing so I’d say to start around 10-12% their BB is a wonderful flavor but is a lil weak. Try putting 2% sour with this and give it around 3-4 weeks I bet it’d be great.


Both, I Mainly use an Artic tank… I drip when i want to test a flavor


Tank. 40w, .15-.2 ohm.


I added one drop of RF Baked Bread raw extract to a 30ml bottle of my favorite doughnut recipe to see if it would give it a bit more ‘breadiness’.

Sure did. Now it tastes like a sourdough bagel. That stuff is powerful!


Maybe make a 10% solution so you can still try it as an accent? Maybe the doughnut will stay the doughnut?


Yeah… Those extracts are scary ha.

A little goes a LONG way ha