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Capella Silverline!? New flavors!


Just got my order from @Nicotineriver and was researching percentages when i saw they now have a new Capella line called silverline. Anyone tried? They are said to be sourced directly and so no middle man thus allowing for better pricing. 4oz is only 7.49! Im itching now and i havent even begun testing FR lol

Silver line (Capella)
Silver line (Capella)

Very excited to hear your thoughts, I have 27 Bears on the way, still have yet to find that perfect gummy. CAP Gummy Candy comes so close, but hopefully the 27 Bears won’t have that odd, chalky taste to it. Which ones did you get?


None. I just recieved almost the whole Flavor Revolution line with my last order lol


True. And I first saw mention of the line here, in NR’s main thread.

FWIW, they are also less potent (anywhere from “somewhat” less, to 50% less potent). My personal 2¢ worth is “use caution” when ordering (read as: no spending sprees).

It’s also been mentioned (same thread) that there are some flavors that are only available in that line.



I ordered some today. I couldn’t resist lol. I got 27 bears, whipped marshmallow and rainbow candy.


Chefs had email correspondence from Capella confirming Silverline range are ‘similar in strength and range’ to original line. Hope this helps!


That does help. Thanks Lolly


Capella really needs to coordinate before a product launch… sigh

(disregard the following thread title, as it will change as needed, depending on whatever the current announcement is!)



They need to communicate with each other :joy:

Trial and error it is then :grin:


Oh it was even more interesting earlier in that thread… But last I understood, it was ‘weaker than the gold line’ (all the previous Capella), but by varying degrees (and up to 50% weaker).

Now, it’s similar to the gold line, but will vary within the line (at least how I read your Chefs interpretation…)

Who knows. Lol
All I know is, I’ll be waiting awhile to see what others end up with! :stuck_out_tongue:


After I taste them ill let you know how the ones I bought taste. I’m forever looking for a great cereal vape. I used to vape one called Slurp by Jus. It tasted just like fruity pebbles without milk sort of. If there were creams in it, it was very very light. I’d love to make something sort of similar. I’m hoping the flavors I bought can get me there.


Yesterday I watched the DIYorDIE’s live stream and Wayne said pricing would be somewhere between TFA and Capella’s original.

So which rumours are true? :smiley:

If they’re going to be weaker than their original line, the flavors will really have to be good. With RF and FA giving so much value for money, I don’t think it’s good to come out with weaker flavors. It may be good for their business, less so for the customer.



Talk about painful to watch.
I can’t believe I made it to the 5m mark. And then he started to read the Capella website…

Nice thought though Suomynona!
Nice enough gent I’m sure, but could definitely use a little pep in his step! :laughing: Or at least a cup of coffee! :wink:


ive been pretty satisfied for the most part with these. got all except the blueberry and butter pecan. i made a mix with the fruit circles at 2% and whipped marshmallow at 1% and it is steeping out really nice with good flavor at such a low %. the red fish and gummy are also really nice. i have yet to get around to the others.


8 flavors = $19.92
10 flavors = $20

So why not take them all? :money_with_wings:


i got 8x 30ml of the ones i wanted for $26 :slight_smile: and free shipping.


Just got my Silverline flavors. I have to say that they are the best tasting flavors that I’ve tried in the past 9 months that I’ve been mixing! Very clean and true to the flavor name! I’m sold!


If your looking for a gummy bear recipe try this. I cant get enough and theres no off notes at all. Its a snv


Hmmrrr so far away from completing my flavour collection and then they bring out a bunch of new ones and then everybody starts raving about them. Ah well maybe step on this train from the start. I’m pretty sure I have some fans for the candy ones in my clientele