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Caramel toffee


… Order my flavors (typo)


Had to try this and the caramel custard out. If this is anywhere close to other one shot custards / fudges I’ve gotten from the UK concider me a regular :smiley: Love one shots on the side while fiddling around with my own iterations and creations. (or to be fair, its good to have some decent backup juice when you fail at making something vapeable :smiley: )


I like it even as shake and vape as single at around 7%.


Well try it for yourself of course but at 1-3% this needs in my opinion a 1 week steep already.

(WF) Caramel butter paired with (FLV) butterscotch makes a great toffee, add a dash of (vt) honey comb if you want a little “crunch” in that. Or some hazelnut/pralines etc.


I forgot to say that I use it as MTL at low watts like 13W :slightly_smiling_face: And I agree after a week is much better.


I just made one the other day