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Caramel toffee


Hello I’m looking for a good recipe for a simple dairy Caramel toffee. Couldn’t find one anywhere everything is so extravagant :slight_smile:
Would appreciate some knowledge of anyone had to offer


Searching around the forum I found one that @Alisa used as an ADV back in 2016. Maybe she can say if it still rocks by 2018 standards. It looks delicious, and decidedly not extravagant!


Possibly helpful topic:


Can you drop a link to your flavor stash?


Good and Simple might be the reason for your query. I have a couple good caramel toffee recipes that’s pretty simple, but the ingredients aren’t cheap… if that’s what you mean by simple.

  • Butter Toffee (SC) (RF) 1.5%
  • Caramel (MF) .8%
  • Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 3% or Italian Cream (Hangsen) 1.3%

Simple, but not cheap to make.


Why it has to be recipe if you can find a good single flavor? Butterscotch Ripple from FW (Flavor West) is a really good creamy caramel toffee, I like it single at around 7%.


Cheap to make, not cheap to acquire the ingredients!


I Agree! giphy%20(2)


Either way, ONCE you DO jump into them, it’s very hard to go back !!!


Thanks looks great


Hangsen Toffee, best Toffee flavour out there for me. Can’t help with a mix, your looking for, but this concentrate works well as a single vape flavour without the need to mix anything with it.


Ok great thanks


Hangsen Caramel Toffee is really great too, but I get more of a milky caramel than a toffee. I haven’t tried their toffee, but a combo of those two flavors might work well together to get a more true caramel toffee, and it would definitely be simple!


I still make this recipe for a friend that loves it. Too sweet for me these days, but still a great mix.


Oh! That sounds easy …steep time recommend?


Great thanks. Say Allisa… Which recipe are you referring to?



Great thanks plunderdrum


We have a type of soft, sweet, creamy and chewy caramel sweet with various flavourings usually vanilla or strawberry called Fudge in the UK. Not quite a toffee but meets 2 of your criteria and Alchemistscupboard in the UK have pretty well nailed it for the Vanilla flavour a really flavoursome pleasant vape.

Don’t know where in the world you are, but if outside the UK it is VAT free so you save 15% and they have 15% also off this weekend so those savings may help to offset the delivery charge, if it interests you? Vanilla Fudge Concentrate


That’s great not only the flavor but that there’s another place to order from besides chefs.
I order my Glassboro from there but alot of times they don’t have what I need.