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CASAA: Creeping Prohibition through Local Government Action





Like boiling a frog.


Exactly… :rage:

Fortunately, I have stockpiled enough of everything that is vape/tobacco related to last my lifespan.

The issue is for that vape related stuff to be available to individuals looking for harm reduction aid, with concerns to tobacco use. However… money talks:

“enacting a comprehensive anti-tobacco policy that includes restrictions on vaping can make a small town eligible for grants from state funds and federal agencies. The size of these grants might not turn any heads in your state capitol, but for a small to mid-sized city it can make a huge difference.”

…no doubt, taxpayer money, funding those grants. :rage:


So weird man - A lot of info is coming out at the same time. I just read this article a few minutes ago. I just got it in my email from Vaping360 - it’s a real toss up!

Breaking news: changes to FDA regulations in new house bill

Someone has inserted language [see page 99] addressing the FDA’s deeming regulations into a House appropriations bill that will pass this fall — but no one is quite sure who did it. And advocates are uncertain whether it was done by a friend or a foe.

The language mandates that the FDA create product standards for regulating vapor products, rather than put all existing products through a premarket tobacco application (PMTA) system that has only the vague goal of proving each product is appropriate for the protection of the public health.


I’m glad they included links on how to monitor your local government and events in your area and set up Google Alerts. Jeez!


Thanks for the share!


The Chinese who make most of the equipment we use (and make billions from it) can’t return the attack from the U.S. Tobacco Mafia at a local level. They can only deal with it on a federal level. The Tobacco companies are having to work extra hard and infect the market one little paper cut infection at a time.


I will assert the Chinese have zero impact here. Between big pharma, big tobacco and all the pockets being greased in Washington, the Chinese would need to have a bit more gravitas than what their collective vape gear carries to have any influence. We just need more and more people to convert to vaping.


Vaping was still creating jobs 2-3 years ago and that has been the argument of every small business owner going before their state legislature. It’s not the stuff we vape with tanks that creates the impact, it’s those little disposable ones they sell. All of that stuff is manufactured in China. They don’t directly impact it from sales, they make all the parts for the US Companies that sell them. They have more influence on vaping than you might want to believe.


The government makes a lot of money on taxes from cigarettes. They “need” people to smoke to pay their bills.


I agree. I’m not exactly sure how much revenue it brings to the federal & state government, but I know it’s a significant amount. In one article I read, they say that the government actually saves money by having smokers as well - if they die early they save by not having to pay off Social Security.


Many States get $2.00 a pack, the feds get $1.00 a pack. Some cities like Chicago add up to $5.00 a pack.


Don’t forget there is a mandate that sets the minimum price for them as well, and it varies by brand and flavor!


Personally, I prefer Joe Cartoon’s “Frog in a Blender”. (far less drawn out suffering)

Yes, I’m dating myself a bit here… But I thought I’d inject a bit of humor into this rather somber topic.


I don’t think my calculator can even compute how much the state & federal govt’s make a month let alone in a year!


When i was smoking i loved my homes state and there low taxes…north dakota hahah


Sure you can. 30% of the adult population times a pack a day. It’s an obscene amount of money.


If you think the US tobacco companies care if the supply of throw away ecigs were to stop, well I think you’re gravely mistaken. They’ll sell them to retain market share, and only for that reason. Other than that, what do you reckon the Chinese have in terms of leverage to influence politicians who are trying to squash vaping altogether? My thoughts…absolutely nothing. All the imported vape related stuff pouring into the US from China means precisely squat compared to cigarettes.


They have no leverage with local politicians, but Federal politicians - yes they absolutely do. Which was my point to begin with. Many U.S. Companies are heavily invested in Chinese e-cig market. The Yuan is now a world bank trading currency, equal to the importance of global trade as the Dollar and the Euro. The Tobacco companies may not care but plenty of other financial interests do. Vaping is an absolute threat to the Tobacco Companies.


His point was implying (at least to me) is by comparison. And that’s the important distinction here.
By comparison, the Chinese government has NO WHERES NEAR the level of influence on what affects our economy in the aspect of Tobacco or related investments. It’s barely a blip on the radar (if it is one at all). Now, if it were international shipping lanes, or militarily related, or steel or… Then yeah, they’d be far more likely to have a weightier platform from which to “share their outlook”, and it would receive a much larger amount of consideration.

Which is peanuts compared to the other things I’ve already mentioned, much less electronics, clothing, etc. Hell, kitchen utensils have a larger volume, market share, and US investment than vaping.

And while I’ll grant you that that’s important on the Asian continent (and growing)… There’s a reason they had to form their own “major bank”. And that’s to try and gain additional international credibility. As it was, the other leading world financial entities continually saw manipulation within the infrastructure of their market, and valuations were constantly being adjusted to reflect such.

While they are getting stronger, they’re still a good ways away from being at the same level of the Euro, the Pound, or the Dollar.

But I agree with you on vaping being a threat to tobacco. Unfortunately, here, tobacco has the biggest money, and audience on Capitol Hill. So it then becomes a battle within. Outside sources don’t mean much, at least in this realm.