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CBD oil added to mix?


That is my hubby. We are in Washington and it’s legal. But of course not at work so he has 11 years before retirement. And he says that is the first thing he is going to do for his retirement. I do think the laws will continue to change over time. But I don’t think employers will every allow it as there is no way to differentiate with the tests whether it was 12 hours ago or during their shift. Too much liability with an accident, especially around equipment.

I would love to be able to make the cbd stuff work in a vape. I can’t stand the taste or smell of it, but I do usually end up using medibles during chemo, helps tremendously with the nausea

I won’t talk about it anymore…don’t want to get myself banned <<<<<<<looks around nervously while scampering away…


Since CBD oil doesn’t contain THC (or sometimes very little) - I don’t see what all the fuzz is about. THC on the other hand - some use it for medical purposes which is perfectly fine by me, but others just like to get high, and then they should probably talk about it another place :smiley:

There’s a lot of this CBD-talk in the media in Denmark these days - it’s extremely hard to get CBD in Denmark, for example to treat epilepsy (CBD can lower attacks by 75% or more!) - they argue that it’s not been through extensive medical tests etc etc. To me this makes no sense - why let a child suffer through epileptic attacks when you can lower them by 75% with a more or less natural substance? The attacks themselves probably cause more damage than the CBD drops :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for this post. It’s very nice to know where the line. I think I could be good for people to try this stuff out.


I wonder if @Beaufort_Batches can confirm or deny the lab testing as he’s in the medical Biz…? BB have we discussed this before I’m having deja vu’ :smile:


Yes, I believe about the legality of it and wether or not it has any real effects. I’ve never had any tested but have tried it.No effect for me and it tastes funny to me. May be useful for some, just not me.


So your not sure wether it turns up as THC ever on a drug test ? Just curious if they really can rid it of all the THC… it’s interesting but not for me but hope others find it useful.


No, I don’t think it has nearly enough to show up unless you vaped a tanker of it.


Especially if one mixes their own from an isolate which is 99% CBD.

Recently i became a mod over on the CBD sub and started a new sub for buying, selling and trading CBD products, CBDClassifieds. I hope to be able to help out a little more on this topic.


I bought a couple of bottles of CBD high grade 250mg liquid from Canavape a few months back to see if it did anything for migrane and back pain but tbh apart from it slightly relaxing me I didn’t really notice any significant difference, I think maybe I was expecting too much from it, I still have some but I doubt I’ll be buying more, it’s way expensive for the result I got from it :confused:


Ditto for me, unfortunately. Bought some to help with arthritis in my hands. I don’t care for the taste and it didn’t do as much for me as my special lotion I sell (which I will not promote here of course).


Yeah I hear you with the taste, it’s very odd, can’t put my finger on it, not horrible, but when you’re vaping what we normally vape it’s hardly pleasant.but I have seen some good stuff regarding epilepsy and other chronic illnesses which look promising so I’m all for further research and development on it :+1:


For me it was sorta like smoking hay :slight_smile:


Yeah maybe, weed without the weed lol


I think it did relax me and help me sleep at first but no more so than a nice rum and coke … and it wasn’t cheap.


I dont know much about Canavape, they arent active on the CBD sub and i have never seen them recommended. With the isolate that i buy there is no taste at all, i have used it sublingual and nadda. When i mixed it with my Simple Custard base again there was no taste, i vape a TON of that stuff and cant detect the slightest variation in flavor.

Just something to keep in mind.

Mind if i PM you about this, @Alisa?


Of course not. :slight_smile:


My husband said the same thing. Weed without the weed.


There actually is THC in CBD oil, but it’s a super low level which is why you don’t get high from CBD. A lot of people don’t realize there is THC because of the fact it’s legal and Marijuana isn’t.

As far as drug testing, most facilities use a standard level that’s acceptable and still considered a negative test. However businesses and testing facilities can choose what level they want to test. Some companies can choose for it to be zero, and then you would test positive.


I gave in and ordered a couple different ones to try to see if it helps with anxiety. I will let everyone know my thoughts after a couple of weeks.
Thanks @Ken_O_Where for posting the sub thread, lots of good information there!


As a fellow anxiety sufferer (with bouts of agoraphobia thrown in) I look forward to hearing about your results :+1: