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CBD oil added to mix?


The agoraphobia is what I struggle with.I have found some legal remedies but some are hard to dose when needed.As you know one minute life is great and the next minute the world is closing in and we must find the exit.That is the reason I am hopeful about these , they seem easy to dose as well as work fairly quickly.
I will keep you posted and send good thoughts your way!


Right back at ya :blush:


I mixed it in an Orange Menthol recipe and I cant taste the Hempy thing at all. You can bury it in citrus, it worked!


I know you use no heat on any of your mixing, but do you know if heat will hurt the CBD isolates from Phytodabs?


That’s a very good question.

I noticed separation already in one mix. To use it I have been shaking it before I tank it.


I mixed up 100mg in a 15ml bottle and have noticed a little separation as well.I used maybe 2ml out of a dripper rda .I think this is going to work well for me from this simple test , I felt it has a great calming effect with nothing negative at all.
I can see this being very useful to those who sometimes have difficulty getting relaxed enough to sleep.


My “Old Lady Creaky Bones” thing is markedly less creaky. Might be something to this.


I agree , I knew going in that if @Ken_O_Where posted he has had good results it would be worth looking into but I never would have guessed it to work this well so far.
I am actually thinking of reducing the amount of Phytodabs isolates to 100mg/30ml bottle for my needs.
I did try the Bluebird Botanical Hemp oil once just by placing a drop on my tongue. Unlike the Phyto it does have a chlorophyll taste but not bad.The Phyto doesn’t change the flavor of my mix at all!


I do I do ,I soak the said plant matter in VG for six weeks then strain.


While doing some researching about CBD oil I did find a neat video that explained as well as answered some of my questions.I don’t know anything about this company or it’s product but they do have an informative video.


Where are you getting that stuff my dear?


I am using the isolates from Phytodabs and the hemp oil from Bluebird Botanicals as mentioned in the post #12 by @Ken_O_Where .
The website for Phyto is down at the moment , I was told they have been swamped with orders.I can highly recommend their isolates they have a great calming effect .Hopefully they will be back on line shortly.

I also ordered the hemp oil from Bluebird Botanicals after reading some of the benefits from several sources.It is too early to tell much from it but I am hopeful.
I have just found a thread on reddit stating that one person has not received their order from Phytodabs and at least one person has complained about the quality of the product today?
I do know my order was paid for and received within seven days and in the same time frame this person has been waiting for theirs?
I hate to see anyone get scammed because of my recommendations so caveat emptor and it would be a great idea to keep an eye on this thread.:expressionless:


I personally dont feel that Phyto is a scam, i received several order from them. I remember back when Bombies first started, he would open his web store for just a few hours a month so that he could fulfill orders in a timely manner. Phyto jumped in not knowing how social media would crush them with orders and it is basically just a couple man show over there.

Right now they are trying to hire on more people but their really big problem has been communication. When Bombies was first starting out and he would get behind he would shoot out an email telling people what was up, something all companies just starting out should do. Sometimes this will make or break a company, i hope it doesnt break this one as their product is fantastic.

Here is another top vendor, their product is twice the price:

EDIT: I just got an email from Bluebird, they are running a 30% off sale through Oct, 31st. Code: bbhemp30


I can only speak of the product that I recieved from Phyto as well as my experiences and I could not be happier. I hated to post that thread on here but I think everyone should make an informed decision by having all the information available.


I most definitely agree. Im just hoping that they pull out of this as i love their products.


I am hopeful as well and I am glad I ordered the quantity that I did , I find the product works better than I had hoped.I am still trying to figure out what dosage works best for me but that is about the only problem that I have with it.As of now I am using between 1-2ml a day but it is nice knowing that if I were to get stressed I can use more and that it kicks in fairly quickly without the drawbacks of any diminished motor skills or reaction times that could hinder my job performance.

As far as the person who claims to have gotten scammed I don’t know but I do find it rather odd that I purchased and received mine during that exact same time period. I am sure that I am not the only person that has noticed when a new company starts selling a quality product at half the price of their competition it tends to not come without criticisms.
I like you think their biggest hurdle is needing a few more hands on deck and hopefully that is why they have suspended taking orders for now.


Hey bud, they are back now. They put up a blog post saying what is going on. I hope he learns the lesson here, always keep an open line of communication with your customer base. Always another vendor out there waiting for you to flub up!


My understanding is exactly the same as you described. The panels on the drug screens for THC will not flag due tot he fact there is no THC present in these CBD oils. NOW…I never say never or always so…if I was hurting for a job and I knew a drug test was on the horizon, I’d probably just vape NIC vapes until things were all clear.

I am looking to substitute CBD for nicotine entirely in my recipes but every CBD oil I have tried has a really herby taste to it. It would completely throw off any recipe I have.

The two people I know that vape CBD oil both work at a local smoke shop and both swear by it. They vape it “pure” (no recipe , just CBD) and one vapes it for Epilepsy (has stopped his siezures by about 90% and made the other 10% much less severe…should be noted that not one big pharma medication could accomplish anything close). He smokes a small amount in his morning routine, I think it is a fraction of an iJust2 tank he uses only for this, and he is gtg for the day.

The other person I know, uses CBD oil for chronic pain. She was HORRIBLY addicted to opiate pain medication which is readily available in South FL still and finally when things just got too far off the rails she turned to that as an option and it saved her life. So far as I am aware she has been using CBD oil (again pure and again, as an AM routine in a relatively small amount [I’ll try and get specifics]) for like 2 years or so now, with no pain pills needed.

There’s all kinds of goodness in that information. And yes this needs to be discussed early often and insistantly. Even THC being a scheule whatever narcotic with Heroin and Cocaine and illegal is just fucking stupid. Sorry.That’s just the only phrase that fits for me.


That’s amazing!

No apologies needed there, “fucking stupid” hits the nail right on the head. 10000% agreed.


This is the method i use for vape mixes.