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CBD oil added to mix?


Please post a link to the product.


I didn’t buy the product online or I would of posted a link. I bought the oil via a friend


Without knowing what it is in it i cant really advise you, sorry about that.

I generally buy crystal isolate and mix it into one of my recipes, there is no oil involved and i wouldnt suggest vaping any mixture you are unsure of.

I use one product that is suspend in hemp oil but it is specifically for oral ingestion.

Wish that i could be more helpful.


I was told it’s honey oils, oils extracted from the plant so to speak.


Ive heard hash oil being called honey oil, i have no idea how to use this substance in a vape at all.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for.


I have been sent a few forums, I think I need to buy EJ mix, put the oil in the heat them to infuse, leave to cool, Then add VG and flavours. I don’t want to waste the oil I was given that’s why I am trying to find a way to use it x


Put some drops under your tongue, sublingual. It is how i use my oil based CBD products. Let it sit there for a few minutes and then swallow. The membrane is thin there and it goes straight into the blood stream instead of through the bodies filters.

But i really dont want to advise you on something if i have no idea what it is.

My method for making CBD vape liquids should be in this thread including where to purchase pure and lab certified products.

One of my favorites is CBDistillery

30$ for a gram of near pure, lab tested CBD


Nebraska is sooo behind the times. I can drive a few hours across the border to Colorado and it’s completely legal there. Medicinal and recreational. This went before Nebraska lawmakers today. I’'m hoping this passes.
“We are arbitrarily depriving citizens from a basic form of natural liberty — the right to make medical decisions in their best interests,” she said." I like this quote. So true!



This!^^^ That’s been my thought on the subject all along.


Amen sista ’ :innocent:


I’ve had a great success with 500mg CBD Isolate mixed with my favorite ejuice , I shake mix bottle then place in water 140F for 5min, Shake then back in water 140f again.Works great!


Bit late, but, better late than never lol.

I’ve read quite a few replies here from people saying that they tried CBD e-liquid once and didn’t notice any effects; that’s pretty normal. With CBD you need to allow a ‘saturation period’ before you really benefit from it. You start with a high dose, allow the saturation period, and then you can drop down to a lower dose and still experience the same benefits.

As for making e-liquid, I wouldn’t use oil, personally I use 2000mg CBD crystals, dissolve them in heated PG and then add everything else.