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CBD oil added to mix?


I’m just hoping someone comes across this question: If I have a 500mg CBD drip concentrate (from Wizard Labs) how many drops (or ml) should I add to a 120ml diy ejuice mixture. Or, another way to go, how many drops should I add to my subtank mini which holds about 4ml. I understand this is not an exact number I’m only looking for a rough idea here. thanks


If you know what strength cbd you want in your mix, you could put it in as nicotine in the calculator and it should tell you how much to add. Unless the calculator won’t let you go that high (no pun intended)…maybe I’ll check that. Lol

Eta: I checked, it should work!


Just got an email from Wizard Labs. They are now selling CBD oil. Man, that stuff ain’t cheap!


That’s the thing, I’m not sure what strength to start with, don’t have a clue.


I got the email earlier as well which led me to this comment section with my question.


I can only offer information about a similar product that is highly rated.I use the Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil.I do not vape this product though , I simply drop the recommended daily serving under my tongue once daily.The recommended serving size on the label is 15 drops.
I noticed the Wizard Labs CBD oil but I don’t know if it is that much better of a product to justify the huge price difference.Sorry, perhaps @Ken_O_Where may know more about their product?
If you click on the link it shows the label on one of the pics.


I highly doubt it, they probably buy from one of the big names in CBD and resell it.


I am not a doctor and I am not a chemist. That being said. I know two people now who have literally gotten their lives back due to using 0 THC content CBD oil which is readily available here in Florida. The vape store near my house (Vapor Rocket) went to great lengths to find the extract that is filtered and so on and so forth (I don’t claim to know the processes that make it ‘safe’ to vape) and it is deemed safe by them and I trust them. One of the people I know has epilepsy and had been prescribed every medicine in the book and then some over the course of 20 years. He was beginning to feel the effects of having basically been a human guinea pig, as well as an mistreated epileptic for all that time. He tried CBD oil in a very small dose a few years back and THAT DAY he had reduced severity and length of his seizures. He raised the dose by 25% the next day and he had increased success in severity and length and now also frequency. Long story short he ended up at vaping about 2.5 mL while going through his morning routine and he is almost completely seizure free. I watched this happen personally. The other person was addicted to opioid pain medication and had been for a really long time. Over a decade. In Florida they have only JUST recently gotten a handle on this epidemic. This person was taking the opiates for pain but was also abusing them. CBD apparently has some pain relief components and it is all she takes now along with some over the counter stuff. No more opiates …and it should be noted: she was not much longer for this world…had been in and out of the hospital OD’d on numerous occasions. I don’t know for sure but I have known her for over 4 years now, so it is something like 2 years this has been working for her…and not in ever increasing doses…once she found what works for her pain she stayed with that. NOne of th methadone or whatever the 'new; version of that is called. She got clean and stayed clean and uses teh CBD oil for pain which takes away that excuse to relapse.

I only tell these stories because they are first hand. Now there’s a third person and that’s me…I am going to TRY and somehow substitute CBD (also looking into Valerian extract [see other post]) for nicotine. It’s time. I have gone a couple years without any cigs now. I think the nicotine can go as well…

Thanks for all the good information in this post…and I also don’t know why people who hesitate to speak about this…other than job security. But it is a shame for a BUNCH of silly reasons.


I can also add that the CBD oil has helped me with anxiety issues but has helped me the most in pain management.The information is scare but we do see more and more people report their successes as well as their failures on the internet.

The product I am most happy with has been the Isolates but I am still slowly trying to develop a dosing regimen.I have only been able to use them at home , they make me very sleepy if I vape too much. It is my fault that I have been lazy as well as sick during the past month.The isolates to me work better than Xanax ever did as far as the calming effect ,but it also will make me very sleepy.I should also state the isolates as well as the CBD oil that I use will not get you “high” as they contain no THC.

I truly feel better and have a better outlook when I simply use the CBD oil as a sublingual.I placed the oil in a needle tip dropper bottle and place 15 drops daily.
The isolates I dissolve as per @Ken_O_Where method mentioned earlier in this thread but I would like to develop a dosage that would work a little better. I am going to start mixing up 50mg of isolate in a 30ml bottle to see if that will work better for me.
Thank you for your post as I would love to hear more first hand accounts on what others have tried.


I haven’t a clue what an “isolate” is…sorry. Glad to hear you are having success with the CBD though! I will go back and re-read more of this thread…must have completely mist this ‘isolate’ thing in there at some point…


Isolates are what is dissolved in our base mixes to make them vapeable in tanks.It is a crystal of the cannaboids , no THC.


Hey bud, i dont remember if i mentioned these guys to you, CBDistillery. They are a bit less expensive and quite a few good reviews from folks i trust. I grabbed a gram of the powder and a gram of slab as i am thinking about trying that dabbing thing.

It was $68 shipped for two grams.


I agree with this and it is the reason i ordered more isolate. Instead of very high % quick vapes a nice all day long low mg vape would be nice too.


That is what I would like to develop , I am sure it will be possible just takes a little trial and error.[quote=“Ken_O_Where, post:72, topic:14560”]
i dont remember if i mentioned these guys to you, CBDistillery

I will check them out , I did see them mentioned a time or two on the sub.


Ive had some contact with them and they seem like good people. Ill let you know about their product in a few days. :slight_smile:


Please do it would be nice to have a good resource of products that work.I am sure others would be interested as well.


I have purchased cannabis oils and I am unsure on what procedure to follow to make it into a tasty vape juice. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks


I bought cannabis oils and I am not sure on what procedure to follow to make it into a vape juice. If you could help that would be great and very much appreciated. Thank you


We should ask @Ken_O_Where but I have only used the CBD isolate or crystals n my vape juice.The CBD oiI I have is with an olive oil base so I doubt that it would be vapeable.
I do know that some “oils” are vapeable but others are not , great question.


Yes I think @Ken_O_Where would be able to help me with all my questions, just need to see if he replies when He has time. It’s pure cannabis oil I have, I thought I would be able to mix the cannabis oil with VG let it mix and settle then add 30%pg and flavours but supposedly it’s not that straight forward :pensive:.