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Cereal Mix Thread


This thread contains a lot of popular Cereal Mix recipes and discussions.

Mega Cereal Recipe Thread

Poll: Best Cereal Flavor

Awesome thread, and since its been a while since posting and about 2k new flavors, should we vamp up the cereal bus and see what kind of stops we can make along the way?


Just received my first Cereal flavor to try.

Anyone have experience with Marshmallow Cereal Type (VG) (OoO)? I also got Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (VG) (OoO) for added possibilities. I don’t have a specific recipe in mind yet.


Is this considered to be cereal or fruity?
I put this straight into the fruity category… don’t get any cereal flavor or mouthfeel from it.


@Suomynona, i’d say its fruity, because fruit loops is a fruity cereal, but… its also a cereal. Fruit loops def smells like its food counterpart though