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Charlie Noble's PB Cereal


I have got a couple of 25ml sachets coming of sterile normal saline (0.9% w/v sodium chloride Ph. Eur). If I decant the saline in a 30ml plastic dropper bottle with lid on, will it remain usable for a period of time or does Saline become contaminated quickly once the packet is opened?


cheers grubby :thumbsup:

@bluenose63 I’m really not sure, I’ve never used the stuff up until now so I guess we are all learning today :grin::thumbsup:


In regards to CAP Sugar Cookie V2:

@Pugs1970 @fidalgo_vapes @bluenose63 I dont know if anyone noticed this or not so im making it obvious


I have cereal 27, not tried it yet


yes i noticed that last night , and it isnt a bad option i just made a special k with strawberries and used the cereal 27 and it taste pretty good it still needs some steeping but i was impressed


im gonna make t his as is , except the V2 will be V1 than im going to adapt


well thnx for the heads up


Saw that, don’t currently have that one.

Going to mix the original recipe (just subbing FW Bavarian Cream for TPA Bavarian Cream) as I want to try the original recipe as close as I possibly can first. I will mix another sample alongside subbing FLV PB instead of TPA PB to see how the finished taste of that works out compared to the original,

Just got to wait for my saline to arrive on Tue/Wed


make your own saline :slight_smile:
I did: Distilled water and sea salt


I thought about that, plan would be to use warm water mix well, cool, then draw from the middle of the column?
I think saline is important in this recipe so subbing vodka wouldn’t work


Someone on another forum I use has found it for 48p per 25ml sachet delivered here in the UK, saves me getting any measurements wrong and should produce a consistent finished result if I use it more in the future and need further stocks.

Normasol is a convenient unit dose presentation of sterile normal saline (0.9% w/v sodium chloride Ph. Eur)


I googled
"make your own 0.9% saline"

  1. Put one cup of water and ½ teaspoon of salt into the pot. Put the lid on.
  2. Boil for 15 minutes with the lid on (set a timer).
  3. Set the pan aside until cooled to a room temperature.
  4. Carefully pour the salt and water (normal saline) from the pan into the jar or bottle and put the lid on.

Salt can react with coils
I would draw from the middle to avoid getting solid contaminates off the surface or the bottom of the mixture


I picked up a 210ml spray bottle of 0.9% saline from rite aid for $7 today so I guess I need to make a variant of this recipe as I don’t plan to order any new flavors for a while. I have everything but the malted milk so I can’t make it exactly the same but I am sure it will be good enough to vape still if I replace that with sweet cream,


so everything left in pot after boiling is the solution ???


I’m not going to try this, it may be better to buy pre made USP saline solution, you should end up with a pot of salty liquid, let it cool completely then use a syringe to draw up the liquid from the middle of the pot of liquid being careful to not draw any liquid from the top or the bottom of the pot.
in other words i suggest skipping step 4 and use a syringe to draw your saline, avoiding the settlements and any dust particles or floating impurities


the drug stores around here only have the spray thats why im going to try this ty for the hekp


0.9g table salt 100ml distilled water (Warm - hot enough to dissolve, but not so hot that it all evaporates making your saline too strong)


i just ordered some , there are so many recipes and they are all so different , i made the one cosmic put up its thick but i only put a couple drops in


spray it into a dripper bottle like I did, easy peasy.


The purpose of heating is antiseptic likely more than dissolving the salt, also heating in a metal pan might not be best (use glass). Nasal Spray may have some preservatives so check your ingredients, but a commercial preparation with de-ionized water and a USP rating sounds ideal