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Charlie Noble's PB Cereal


??? do you mean from the spray can ??? i thought of doing that but there is something about aerosol can lol


Yes. The blog CN posted said just get it at the drugstore and that is the only way it comes at the rite aid I went to. Aerosol is just used to push/spray it out of the can on to a wound. At the percents used in the recipe the 30ml I sprayed out will last me a lifetime and the other 180ml left in the can went in the medicine cabinet to be used as intended.


yes exactly where i went , great idea ty


this recipe smells pretty good PB IS strong ill let steep for 2 weeks then ill test


yeah mine smells delicious, finding it difficult to forget it for a few weeks lol


mine is waiting for a few more ingredients, being delivered to my work tomorrow … My bloody day off !
Sigh ! Saturday is Mixing day !


I’m gonna get a load done this weekend, I’ve ran out of everything, got a ruck more flavours coming this week though :wink:


I’ve ordered tfa popcorn, gonna have a play,
plus I have had a request for 500ml Orsum Apples 3.142, so need to crack on with that


500ml!..ooft, big things :thumbsup: I made 6 x 100ml yesterday and stuffed them in a vase, plugged it up for a month, looks like one of them urns from Prometheus :grin: your Vanana is in there, sold all of it and don’t even have any for me :disappointed: I really need to start doing more 500ml bottles that’s a really good shout :ok_hand:


o giver of gifs. lmao it shiuld be o taker of gifs


I giveth…and I taketh away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i need to take you to vegas bro


did you just ask me on a date…?

coz seriously…hell of a first date man


Bwahahaha !
What happens in Vegas stays in vegas


Aww, you guys make a cute couple. :heart_eyes:


hey I’m not sayin no…I mean it’s Vegas…:smiling_imp:


I hear they give away free booze there… Can I come too?? :grin:


I’ve been! they do!..although I’m fairly certain they have a ‘VapeyMama’ clause where if they see you land they are allowed to close…
Only time it ever happens…



yes but dutch anytime


Cheap bastard…:disappointed: