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Cheers All!


Happy 4th of July to my ELR family :boom::fireworks::boom::fireworks: Please stay safe out there.

This one is for my brothers @TheTinMan1 and @Whiterose0818 …the beer is from NC and the stunning mod is from KY. :punch:


CHEERS :boom: :bomb: :boom:


happy holiday to you, sir.
much love and respect!!


Love your mods @Whiterose0818, every one is a awesome work of Art. I hope to own one one day. :peace_symbol:


thanks for the kind words!
inbox me when youre ready!
or inbox me anyway and we’ll work something out! i want to put one of my pieces in your hands!!!


That is just perfection.


Cheers all, have a great weekend and stay safe :heart:


Very nice indeed.


My favourite tipple! Cheers Grub :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Cheers dude! Have a good weekend! Looks like you’re off to a good start. :beers:


Slaughtering the bottle… :laughing:


Some Canadian wanna marry me (male or female, no matter)? Cause your Belgians kick ass. Terrible is not just my favourite Quaduple – it’s straight-up in my top 2 beers ever. And one of those two is a semi-mythic beer I’ve never found since one night in Thailand…and I was very, very drunk by the end of the night. But I’m 90% sure I drank a Rose beer, and that shit is my #1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit/brief semi-drunk review: Btw, the La Fin Du Monde is a lighter, even more fruity flavour and benefits from being about 50-60 rather than 65-ish. (Fahrenheit that is). But the Trois Vistoles is just as dark as Terrible just slightlky less good – I’m not trained in the words of beer connoisseurdom but I have a fair idea what I’m drinking and Trois Vistoles is just a slightly more hoppy than fruity, and less creamy, version of Terrible to me. So I don’t see much point buying it versus Terrible. But La Fin Du Monde is so much brighter, it’s a much better cool drink on a hot day, and Terrible is a better drink for the evening at cool room temp, even tho it recommends cellar temps (54-ish) I prefer it at room temp, but then my “room temp” is 64 rather than a more typical 70-75. And all three pair VERY, VERY well with floral vapes/dokha/hgookah/candy.Vaping Musk (as in the lifesaver flavor) atm. And a little smoking of Rose Dokha. I have also tried it while chewing Rose gum or taking Rose nasal snuff. All very, very good. I get why Du Monde has the highest rating, but again, Terrible is better for me.


Cheers!!! Got my vodka mixed with some girly pink stuff, and some banana custard vape. Happy weekend!


Have a good and safe weekend all :smile:


Salud to all this weekend :punch::boom:

@Whiterose0818 matchy matchy :fireworks:


Cheers to @Rob62 and The Squonk Gang :wink:

Can’t get enough of this session IPA.


Cheers from AZ to NY Bro . We still need to make Squonk Gang Tee Shirts LOL :laughing:


Heck yeah Bro. Sooner or later someone will join ELR that is a screen printer or something lol


Cheers! :clinking_glasses: Have a great weekend everyone!


Salud ELR… for those dealing with the storms, please stay safe.