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Cheers All!


Pornstar name… Dick Puncher


My new favourite Cider… Have a good weekend all! :smile:


You too sweetie :grin:


Dick puncher eh? Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cheers all, have a great weekend and stay safe :thumbsup:


Cheers to the last night of the weekend for those of you who are in similar time zones… For everyone else cheers to Monday morning! :beers:


sweet sweet black nectar…cheers


Back in the day… my nightcap(s) at most bars (if I was still sitting or standing upright, could speak at all coherently, and find any cash or credit card on my person) was exactly that brew with a shot of Jameson Whiskey on top and a jigger of Bailey’s Irish Cream dropped to the bottom. :yum:

It’s a miracle I’m still alive to remember… but, it tasted just like chocolate milk to me, in the 10 seconds it took me to kick it back. :flushed:


I’m glad you are still alive :laughing:


Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe


Here’s to the first day and night of summer…now eff off and bring on Fall! lol


Nice lager and a bitchin mod beside it. You have mad class my friend.


Thank you brother :facepunch:


Cheers!! Happy summer solstice…yada yada… yes, bring on Fall!!!


Cheers from the homeland of beer!
(with the cheapest, student-budget-friendly stuff in a tin can I could find… but even that is really drinkable here. Hey, it DOES say premium, right? XD)

May you all have the greatest summer!

I am in with @VapeyMama and @MisterSinner : can’t wait till fall :smiley:


Happy Saturday!
I call this “The busch bows down to Rockdale Classic Lager”. Welcome to Arkansas, no fancy beer here :slight_smile:



Happy Friday to everyone :boom: Have a great weekend…this one is for my brother @Whiterose0818 …can’t thank you enough :punch:


Cheers from Minnesota! Happy weekend, everyone!


That is so awesome!
Stealing, borrowing, sharing and posting on my FB site!
Mad respect, my brother!


Eff yeah brother :grinning: