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Cheers All!


She would kno too…the things @VapeyMama can accomplish with butter…:ok_hand:t2:


Lol. I’m starting to fear that the three pounds of butter we started the day out with isn’t going to be enough. :grimacing::sob:


I’m sure @Cutlass92 wouldn’t mind churning up some more for u :man_shrugging:t2::thinking:


I already churned her butter twice today! And it’s extra creamy.


You’re doing great, just the beginning tho…butter needs to churn like white rapids today brother. She’s crying for more butter man, churn…chuuUUURRRRRN!


Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to the ELR family. I am truly grateful to you all for all the advice, knowledge, jokes and amazing stories…and another day without the death sticks.


Have a good weekend stay safe, cheers!


Cheers All! Have a great weekend, stay safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones. :smile:


Cheers! :beers:


I guarantee that bud bottle is getting smashed over Arthur’s head in a few hours…

Arthur murderer…


I’m 5 in since then, setting a pace, I got 24 of the fuckers to drink… :laughing:


Bud is beer flavoured pop im sure your seasoned liver will cope…better than your toes anyways :rofl:


The youngest jumped on them the other day (on purpose, god bless him), now my whole foot is bruised fortunately it doesn’t hurt anymore :smile:


Monday cheers. @Whiterose0818 custom mod makes everything better.


Hell to the yeah. Monday cheers to you too!


Cheers! Happy Friday! @Grubby this one’s for you! :wink:


I’m soooo jealous right now :yum:

Cheers All! Have a good weekend, stay safe :v:

Its Tea :smile:


Cheers to all and have a great weekend :snowman:


Ittalian coffee time :smiley:
Have a good weekend y’all


Cheers all and a happy new year to you all :smile:

Can’t upload an image :confused: