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Cheers All!


HNY Grubster, big love :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Legal in California for everybody over 21 now.
HNY !!!


I knew there was a reason Cali is one of the favourite places I’ve ever been to…


For those who don’t want to smoke the weed directly several companies have jumped on the bandwagon with special magical blends to make your material vape ready.
Nothing more then PG and PEG-200 and PEG-400 blended.
DIY works well with both PG and grain alcohol for vaping.
YMMV check local and state laws to avoid unnecessary incarceration.


Yep, Indiana has made all products, even hemp based, illegal.


not quite sure if it is a sin to cheers with a non alcoholic beer but…salud gang. Here’s to a good weekend. :punch:


Nothing wrong with that, I’ve cheers’d (cheered? Lol) here with sparkling water! Happy weekend!


Thank you sis. :+1:


Have a good weekend everyone, here’s a classic one i’m about to pop.

And yes, with my lil one’s unicorn, she insisted :grinning:


Oh I confess to being a bit of a barware geek (and Trappist Ales) …love that Stella glass!


If you want some, the brewery of Stella is about 20 km away from me :wink:


Never had this “birra” before but from what i’ve “sampled” so far, I recommend it :laughing:

Cheers all, have a great weekend and stay safe :smile:


Cheers Grubby!! :beers:


Cheers Grubster…enjoy your “sampling” :rofl::tada:


Saluti Grubby!


Have a good one y’all :wink:
A 'Vedet" this time :wink:


Same drink, same photo…

Cheers all, have a great and safe weekend :smile:


Cheers @Grubby, Enjoy!


How many are actually left though? :wink:

Cheers Grubster, happy Friday! Have an awesome weekend!! :tada:

And cheers to everyone else too!!


Maths… :smile: