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Cheers All!


I just bought a whole keg of that beer love that stuff!


Of the O’Douls? That’s awesome :facepunch:


When I come read this thread, I want to have
a drink, but i’m running out of Coil Cleaner.

Premium Coil Cleaner


Happy Friday gang :man_dancing: …still on the wagon :innocent:

matchy matchy @Whiterose0818 !


@CosmicTruth you inspired me, I’m having a little coil cleaner and cranberry (cran raz La Croix…close enough right?)! Cheers to you, I hope you’re doing well! And cheers to everyone else, have a great weekend!


Close enough!
lets toast to my wife’s health, send prayers her way!


Cheers to her, and I will most definitely be sending prayers!


Cheers all and to your wife’s health @CosmicTruth!


Thats a cool Mod @ boyhowdy


Cheerz & Enjoy your sunday !
A local beer this time :wink:


Thank you and that is a neat mod you have as well @Brunkezz


Time to get my buzz on Cheers all! Continued thoughts and prayers for my friends wife @CosmicTruth !


Heck of a table check. :joy:


I know it is a sickness ,I keep these in rotation while I surf.I had to move them all to the side as my desk is a mess.


Cheers and have a great weekend!
Something else then beer this time, result is the same tough :smiley:


Cheers all :smile:


Well there’s a problem. Filling up a water bottle with pure vodka. Maybe put some watermelon in that bad boy. Lol.


Cheers all, have a great weekend, stay safe :wink:


Have a great weekend all !
I am out of glases btw … :astonished:


Out of CJ so i’m having a CC & OJ
you can borrow my glass as soon as i’m done with it :smile: if you pay s&h.