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Cheers All!


CC&CJ :slight_smile:

Coil Cleaner & Cranberry Juice


Have a great weekend all!
I had to hurry to take this pic… thirst was to strong on this one :smile:


Cheers! Not often I have a beer… :smirk:


I’ll join ya with my near beer :beer:


trade ya a good beer for that asmodus setup. I am not one to buy a purple mod but thats looks sick bud.


Hahaha same here. All my gear has been black or black with a little red. Lately I’ve been getting into colors to break up the monotony. Great squonker for sure. Cheers.


i eyed it up in your previous pic and now the damn thing is stalking me.


I don’t have the flu, IDK why, my wife has it… then I thought, maybe its the coil cleaner and cranberry juice! Better not take any chances… CHEERS!

half a glass of crushed ice
pour stolichnaya vodka to cover ice (or 4 oz)
Add Cranberry juice and straw


Its a drinkin’ kinda Wednesday! Cheers ya’ll!


Is that liquid called ‘Cheeky Bastard’…???..:laughing:


Was that glass half full or half empty when you started. Lol.


Lol yes it is! Awesome right?! :laughing:


Half empty. But now its half full! :tada:


LOVE it lmao…I have ‘Custard bitch’ and ‘Custard Bastard’ :laughing::ok_hand:


I always keep my labelling PG-13 :laughing:


That is SO true!


Cheers @xxanalogxx and ELR!

:tada: :beers: :clinking_glasses:




Thanks for the tag, I can’t believe I have not visited here before! Looks like the kinda place I don’t have to delete my posts the next day! :grin: Cheers!


1 more time…

Cheers, to your Health