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Cheers All!


I would just like to say, im no puppet but i feel for them… :raised_hands:


Baiting …No comment … :smile:


I have reached my maximum number of likes toady… so have a :fist:


now what the heck is that supposed to mean… don’t tell me we’re fist bumpin’ now …jk and incase there is a dirty description I am referencing


Is that 2x3? Cause thats 6!!!

Im gonna need to call some friends or find another method… :vulcan:


@Amy2 You’ve really lowered the tone of this thread you know… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


HAhah no way stop spinning this the wrong way…ugh and I don’t even drink no more that’s the funny thing.


Very, very sobering thought right there…


Bare in mind, @ozo is watching this thread now more than any other… :blush:


@Amy2 This should work fine…


Can I just break through this downward spiral of a thread to wish everyone a very happy bonfire night :wink::ok_hand::+1:


Me and my lady visiting Portland OR for the Derby championships…giggity. Cheers to my ELR family. Go Gotham!


All the way across the country…just like Nicholson does. Oorah !


No, hell no…or we will send the ‘British’ Oscar Mayer weiner-mobile to pick you up, and ride you in front of the Queen.

Depending on the friends you pick to hang with, and I have no experience here, male or female-wise…[some areas are made for entry…some ONLY for exit, and even entry points should be respected, not treated like we lived in Sodom and Gomorrah, or at a Roman orgy…San Francisco for that matter]
But, fall is a fine time to friendly fist with folks, foreign or favorite, or for finding future fisting friends…for fun or financial frenzys, as fornication is as fluid to some as fine wine…forgetting their fukd up faults to further their fancys…if you favor such frantics. For me, and folks I fart around with, it is futile and fukd up weird with no foreseeable future for any change in the forecast for us, female or any family member. More focus is found on the failure to admit any flatulence and finding the fault by seeing the first flaring of nostrils…to further convict the farter, or fartee, that fades away from the group…in somewhat a felonious fashion. Fear not, the fartee, or the fartesse, is always finally found. The failure is always finite by the lack of finesse, found in the freedom that the foolish farter/fartesse failed to realized from the beginning. The facts are that farting with family and friends is far more fatuous than fisting with friends and family, very funny at times, especially when fat Uncle Frank farts, or Grandma Francine fills the foyer with foreign aromas…and MUCH less forgiving on the skin and muscles than fisting…One…oh fuk…two… oh my fukn God…three…no fukn way Jose. Sick fukn funeralistic fantasies that feed a fukd up demonic failure of the future. Fuk the fierce new freedoms of the faulty favorite few that feel they are free from the fiery closets, and now force their fears on us…finding folks like me will forever fuel full resistance and fury to their favorite fun. Fuk them to…inFinity.


I feel like I’ve just walked into a b movie spin off called F for Fistetta
Only you’d be wearing gimp mask and instead of swords you’d just have your sleeves rolled up and a big jar of vaseline.:astonished::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:
And 3 arms obviously …
It’s not a film I’d choose to watch I’ve gotta be honest :thinking:


Nope…VG theses days. For my best friends, I also throw in a hand-full of sand.
For certain folks…crushed glass, eh? [very special folks]

.[quote=“Pugs1970, post:95, topic:87736”]
instead of swords

Do smaller daggers qualify? May still be up my rolled-up sleeves, eh?
In the kinkiest sense, the ‘sword’ you felt…may not be a sword a’tall…
Like the “third arm”…eh ?
Ever had a prostate exam when the Doc calms you with both hands on your shoulders?

"It’s not a film I’d choose to watch "

If you started watching…you could never stop…
like a Quentin Tarrantino film, eh?

HEY…and who are you…Siskel AND Ebert…to call it a ‘B’ film…?
[maybe michael moore then, eh?]


You Brits are funny…and smarter than Yogi bear, but us Scots are intelligent…
we don’t wear long pants with zippers, we wear mini skirts like your birds do…
we are more compatible with them for…you know.
Men criticize us for wearing girlie, but we get it in the end…more so, eh?

On a serious note…me Grandmum was Welsh, so don’t fully hate me, alright?


Aye Laddie you could be putting this one to music …perhaps on the piano …like Chopsticks? …which coincidentally often is performed with more than two hands.

Lucky I have extra nitrile gloves for the stray fistbumping here tonight …and hand sanitizer to be sure


@ozo you are awesome - don’t ever change! :+1:


You never fail to surprise me… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: