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Chefs flavours sale on


Sale on at chefs flavours


WHAAAAAT! I can’t see it I can’t see it!


Look near bottom of concentrates.



lots of flavour west (FW) gutted I didn’t see this when I put my order in on Sunday :cry:


50p!!! And I’m skint till payday booooooooooo


Awww lolly im gutted for ya,Quite a nice little sale,I only went on for lemon sicily and came away with 35 bottles.

Just counted what i bought and its 73 bottles not 35…and forgot AP and malted milk.


Epic! Love it!


Are the real flavours still on it?


I can only see french toast (RF)


There was a few when i was on 10ml for £1.lol what a dumb ass ive just realised what they are.also there not all marked up as real flavours some were just flavour names.


Thanks for the up, just scored 170 ml of flavours for about 10 euro. Woot! :grinning:


No probs.have fun.


100ml of strawberry milk for £5… :wink:

Grabbed myself some strawberry cheesecake and 30ml CAP sweet strawberry for the missus’ strawberry breeze

I hate strawberry! :smirk:


Good little bargain,happy mixing fella.


Lol you hate strawberry,the things us guys do for our wives.its the little things that count.


Me too, love eating them and hate vaping it :expressionless:


What happened to my Sarcastic Emoji?! LOL

I love strawberry vapes, they are my fav :wink:


You traitor, how could you :smiling_imp: