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**Chocolate and Sub-ohm** Solution Thread


Alright, I know not everyone uses high power vaping tools but for those of us that do, there is a problem that continues to linger.

Chocolate flavorings burn when vaping at high temperatures or watts.

I have purchased many types of chocolates from TFA to Flavourart to Inawera and all of them end up getting scorched at the voltage I use.

I know other people have this problem, if someone could chime in with a solution (other than turning voltage down…), we would finally be able to use chocolate for sub-ohm vaping.

There has to be a flavor out there that will not burn.

Lets figure this out!


How many watts we talking? I vape 80 watts max. Real flavors chocolate cake is delicious. I just mixed it, heat steeped and SNVaped. Used only 3% here is the recipe

3% (VG) Real Flavors Chocolate Cake
1.5% MOL Creamy Cake
.5% Dark Delights Red Velvet
.5% TFA red velvet
1% LA CC Icing
2% Viper Flavors CC Icing
1% ooo vanilla frosting
Total 9.5%

Im vaping Twisted 26 gauge twisted parralel 3 wraps at .08ohm. Tricked my Ipv5 making it think it was ti so it would fire. Vaping 85 joules, no burnt taste


Dark Chocolate MF… No issues with heat for me. I vape around 85W/580F. No coil gunking either.


This was my next suggestion but i was excited about my recipe and forgot to add MF use is so low burning or gunking would not be an issue. Are you dilluting MF chocolates or is usage low like .17-.25%? How does the MF milk chocolate compare to MF dark chocolate?


I vape at 7.5 to 8 volts (17 amps), and have never experienced burning until I attempted chocolate.

I will have to try the VG based, Real Flavors. Never ordered from them but have heard good things. Just didn’t really need VG based flavorings but if they have some gems, I am willing to take a look.

80 watts is now the highest I have seen anyone using chocolate with success.

I have not gotten into the legendary Medicine Flower as of yet, but that was my next hope for chocolate as they are highly spoken of.


What do you sweeten that with?


Most times with Dark Chocolate MF, it’ll be a dessert vape… I like Marshmallow TPA, FA, FLV or Meringue FA with dessert mixes when needed.


The only chocolate I’m vaping at the moment is Wayne’s mint choc chip (Cuprian) with INW milk chocolate and I typically vape between 90 and 130w, I haven’t noticed any burning at all though ?


I’m in love with real flavors Rocky Road, no burning and the chocolate flavor is definitely there. But the highest I’ve gone with it is 40w, so I can’t comment on how it is with a ton more power.


I love it as well and have had no issues even pushing 100 watts.
My favorite chocolate at the moment is when using Medicine Flowers three versions thanks to the recommendation of @Pro_Vapes . I also haven’t noticed any burnt taste using any of them.
I do have a NET chcolate flavoring that will gunk coils up pretty quickly and develop the burnt taste though.


I use TFA flavors chocolate in a no bake recipe no issue. 70 to 80 on twisted 28 to 26 dual twisted spaced Kanthal builds. Using cotton never had an issue. Hope that helps. Oh it is TFA double chocolate clear and milk chocolate. They are the only chocolates I use.


I have tried numerous chocolates from all over the world. I’ve been searching for that Hershey’s kind of flavor and its pretty much what got me into DIY 3 years ago. I was looking for a good chocolate vape and I knew it had to be out there. With that being said if you are looking for something that is good and wont get burnt like FA Cocoa then here are a few options for you, Chocolate Fudge Brownie CAP mixed at 0.8-1% with Fa Chocolate 1.5-2% is pretty good. I also really enjoy my Medicine Flower Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate at 1-2%. You really can’t go wrong with Medicine Flower. Atmos Labs chocolate taste like a tootsie roll if that’s something you are looking for. One of my all time favorites is Bakers Flavors (in Russia) or Vapingzone.com (in the US) are Chocolate Truffle (can be used at 0.4- 0.6%), Cocoa Beans, and Chocolate. You really have to be careful with the chocolate truffle bc if you use too much its too over bearing. Its one of the top chocolate flavors I have tasted to date. I’m also really liking IDE flavors chocolate and chocolate fudge brownie. They are not too mainstream and the last time I ordered shipping times were terrible but were totally worth the wait. I use them at single flavors around 2-3%. Hangsen Australian Chocolate is pretty good too. Not one of my favorites but it mixed well at 1% with the Chocolate Fudge Brownie and FA chocolate mix. Milk chocolate FLV and Chocolate Extract Real Flavors are ok. I haven’t really had much time to play around with them to give them anything more or less than ok as a single tester. I haven’t played around with Inawera Flavors for about a year but I know last time I did I think I’m sensitive to a chemical they use and I kept getting this weird back taste from all Inawera Flavors. I ordered them in original bottles from Inawera so it had to be something that they use. I have also found that if you use about 0.2% Jamaican Rum with Chocolate flavors for some reason it works really well. Hopefully this is a little helpful in your search. There are a lot of other chocolates that I have tried but did not mention because to me they really were not worth mentioning (TFA and FW) just my opinion of course and there are probably others that I will think about and maybe post later.


Wow, thank you for sharing all the knowledge you have accumulated on the subject! <3

I am with you on Inawera having an off, background chemical taste to it (their chocolates). I noticed it on their coffees as well. They have other great flavors though, I think they are better at making fruits.


Actually their Dark for Pipe is top notch in my opinion. Rather delicious.


Just received Flavorah’s Milk Chocolate, apparently on their site they state that it is a “game changer for anyone struggling with chocolates.”

Will let you guys know!


Found it is worth experimenting with FA Catalan Cream alongside the FA chocolate or if you want something a little more lighter FA Fresh Cream can work as well. Whether it will work for the ops higher watts, unsure as I only vape at 50W mostly

I think it is a shame there isn’t a standalone cocoa butter concentrate you can add to the chocolate concentrates out there already. As from my experience at working at Cadbury’s here in the UK for 10 years, back in the day, that is what ultimately gives Milk Chocolate that finished flavour, most people seem to be looking for and no concentrate or eliquid manufacturer, has ever managed to replicate that, of all the ones I have tried, so far.


FlV milk Chocolate is excellent! You really have to play with the amount you use though! It’s a lot stronger then you think. I found that under 1% was working great for me with other chocolates. My favorites here as of lately are RF Chocolate, RF Brownie, and Hangsen Australian Chocolate. They all work under higher wattages.


Coil friendly Cuprian anyone? Tried MF Dark Chocolate because I heard it was coil friendly. Highly recommended