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Choice Tobaccos for NET


Continuing the discussion from Tobacco Recipes:

Seems like the NET enthusiasts might be able to hit this thread with their favorite tobaccos with which to make a NET extract!

Let’s not limit this discussion… it should include RYO cigarette, pipe, cigar, and single varietal leaf as well…

I have quite a few which I find very pleasurable, however, one of my favorites is Daughters & Ryan Picayune:


A full bodied blend of exceptional dark air-cured and the finest flue-cured Gold Leaf tobaccos. Combined with a rare and flavorful Perique and Samsun Oriental tobacco.

This NET is Burley heavy; however, the Perique and Samsoun are very pronounced in this blend. For those looking for a cigarettish NET, this would suffice.

This can be located at most online tobacco shops, such as:


(Repaired link :wink:)

However, quite a few great tobaccos (and inexpensive ones) can be located at your local tobacco shop.

Tobacco Recipes
Lets talk tobaccos; hybrid flavors and mixes

Do you have any pointers or suggestions on types of tobaccos that would be good for a girl who is just starting to dip her toes into desserty type synthetics? I’ve been thinking if nothing else it would be fun to attempt a NET just for s&g, but I have next to no experience with tobacco flavors, let alone NETs. I just know the dessert/sweet/ry4 types that I’ve started using have been super enjoyable and are quickly becoming my favorite vapes, so why not dive head first farther down the rabbit hole…!


One of my personal favorites as well!


Perfect timing for this, I just finished my first cold pg maceration of two different tobacco’s I put in pg back on July 17, I never thought it could turn out this good, I used a french press to strain it today then filtered it twice, mixed it at 25%. The tobacco I used was nothing special just stuff I got at the tobacco store bags of something called OHM RED, and a bag of Dark Virginia the first being a turkish and the second a Virginia I guess. This was my first time at trying this, so I am not well versed in the tobaccos used(yet). I mixed each of the batches a 25% each and they turned out awesome, have never tasted at more realistic tobacco ever, So being me I could not stop there I mixed each of those half & half and added some INW DNB, and a little Flav Red Burly, and made myself a hybrid net, pretty friggin’ good, and mostly thanks to your posts of getting me interested in the net process, I don’t think many synthetic tobaccos will stand a chance unless its just for little nuances from now on. So just a big Thanks, never knew what I was missing.


Yup. :sunglasses:

I know of a couple… one I have tried and one is in the works. The one I have tried and liked is Peter Stokkebye Optimum 31:

Black Cavendish

This combination of top-notch Virginias, Stokkebye’s signature steamed black Cavendish and mellow Burleys is topped with a unique mixture of fruit essences and creamy vanilla to create a singular flavor and aroma.

Tasting Notes:
Tastes just about how P&C describes it; very light fruit, touch of vanilla and very smooth. Super nice end of the day/desert tobacco.

The other one, I’m about to put in a jar and get it going; Sutliff Molto Dolce. I’ve heard many good things about this one… it scratches the RY4 itch for NET fans.


Molto Dolce is excellent sweet Virginias, mellow Burleys and superior black Cavendish, married with essences of vanilla, caramel and honey for smooth flavor.


awesome I’m bookmarking this. :wink: thank you!


Please keep me updated on this! It sounds right up my alley.


Ya don’t know, til you give it a try! :wink: I’m glad your NET experiences have taken you to a happy place. For those remotely interested in a true tobacco tasting vape, NET is the golden ticket.

Often times, folks are quite surprised at the flavor outcome of lesser known tobacco brands. I believe @50YearsOfCigars found this out recently when he picked up a 6oz bag of Vision Hunter Fire for $5 at a local shop; little did he know it would turn out to make a really nice NET extract. :grinning:


Are there any other tobaccos which you have macerated that would warrant never being without? :thinking: …perhaps tobaccos which you have cellared for the future?


Very Glad to see you started this thread. Hopefully this will get more mixologists to try the very rewarding part of the hobby known as DIY NET !

I will throw in a couple of my 2cents here: I only started doing NETs about 6 months ago, and now realize I made a little mistake with my first jars of macerations. To help out anyone starting on this journey let me explain my mistake, and hope this gives you a leg up so you don’t accidentally do what I did at first.

The short of the long of it is: I mistakenly thought that all DIY NET was to be made from commercial PIPE tobacco blends. I got this idea from reading many NET threads where everyone only used major supplier Pipe Tobacco (usually tinned but sometimes sold as bulk) from major players like D&R, Lane, Cornell & Diehl, Dunhill, etc. That was a huge mistake. I now realize that all pipe tobacco is cased or flavor infused, and much of it is blended to fit a specific and very popular pipe smokers preference for ‘old english Pipe Shop Blends’… That is an OK thing, but as a NET type you don’t want to be only in that world. If I had it to do over again I would have started out with, say for example, 9 total jars, divided up as: 3 jars of the just mentioned Old English Pipe Blends, then 3 Jars of high quality Cigars, and lastly three jars of Pure Leaf Tobacco.

Here is an example of a 9 jar “starter kit”:

Pipe Blends:
American Patriot by Missouri Meershaum
Peter Stokebye - "84 Turkish"
C&R Habana Daydream

Real Cigars rolled from Pure Fermented Leaf Stock:
Partagas Black Clasico
Jose Marti Nicaragua Robusto
Rockey Patel Nording

Pure Leaf Stock:
Scraps - Fronto Leaf
Scraps - American Flue Cured
Native American RYO Vision Hunter Fire Tribal Tobacco
You don’t have to use “exactly” these as listed, the point I am trying to get across is that you will get up much faster on the DIY NET learning curve if you start out with samples from three areas of tobacco type available to you. You limit and hinder your learning about this whole world if you do as I did when I started out and just macerated “old English Latakia” Pipe shop commercial blends !!

A word of caution about price. One of the great attractions for us that like to DIY NET is that the cost is very low if you carefully choose you tobacco feedstocks. Unfortunately the Pure Rolled Cigars have seen price jumps in the past few years that are shocking. I used to buy very high quality Nicaragua Cigars for $1 a stick. Now the same cigar is $5. Also avoid any infused cigars like the ACID line and similar cigars intended for the younger ‘kiddie’ smoker market. What you are after is the pure fermented leaf that is the handi-work of the most well respected cigar blenders. Your best Price, overall, will be on pure leaf from leafonlydotcom and Bulk supplied pipe tobacco from vendors like smokingpipesdotcom. Unfortunately the day of NETing high quality rolled cigars is probably gone forever, but just to see what you get from that you should try one or two, if your budget can withstand it.

Hope this helps! :grinning:

NETs and Wattage/Temperature

I’m vaping a Dunhill Robusto Cigar at the moment and it is goooooooood :yum:


@50YearsOfCigars makes a valid point; use many varieties/types of tobaccos.

Confession: I’ve limited myself by not macerating whole leaf tobacco tobacco til now, such as what can be purchased via leafonlydotcom.


I’ve recently been vaping some whole leaf Fronto extract and have to say… I’ll be sad when it’s all gone. :pensive: …guess I’ll have to make my own. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve recently purchased some whole leaf Izmir Turkish Oriental and Aged Nicaraguan Ligero; really looking forward to getting these into jars! :sunglasses:



…just started the Molto Dolce today. :grinning: Boy, does that tobacco have a nice aroma! I can understand now why some NET folks say it is the heat for an RY4 like NET vape.

Mark your calendar for March 1st; that’ll be when I take my first 2.5ml draw of extract out of the jar for test purposes. This process could take up to 6 months though… hope you’re willing to wait. :wink:


I will literally set am alarm on my phone right now.


100% willing


I posted a bit of a rant over here,… If you are experimenting with NET extractions you might want to read it.