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Cleaning HDPE Bottles?


I’ve splurged and ordered 25 100ml HDPE bottles for larger batches. I’m not comfortable with using them without washing thoroughly first, i have seen people on the forum here say they use dish soap, any particular brand good? I’m quite paranoid when it comes to this stuff and inhaling it.


Whatever you use on your dishes should be fine (unless it has a very strong smell that you think might stick around) and you can always give the clean bottles a swish of vodka or pga to be extra safe.


I use dawn. Ifs it’s safe for oil soaked birds it’s safe for me. Please note I rise with tap water then when I think all the soap is gone I soak in distilled water and rise with distilled water. Since I am alittle more paranoid about germs and flecks of other things in the mix.


I agree with @Chrispdx, and to be more specific the BLUE original Dawn. Others have hand lotion etc, but the blue stuff has little duckies getting a bath on the label, and is only dish liquid. I do a final soak/rinse with hot distilled water to avoid hard water issues/spots and minimize any (bacterial?) residue from plain tap water.

For the effort it might be smart to just toss the cheap things, bit I can’t seem to do that so my recommendation is weak :wink:


Hot Water and Cheap Vodka


I use a non-scented dish soap and rinse the bottles in hot tap water. When I rinse, I first fill the bottle completely with water, then empty, then fill to about half full and shake. If there’s any soap left in the bottle, the shaking will cause bubbles to form. If any bubbles DO form, then it’s back to step one and repeat until no soap is left.


We still talking about cleaning HDPE bottles? You should start a web site HotWaterAndCheapVodka.com
…I mean it sounds like a cure for a thousand ills …athlete’s foot …car windshield …sore throat …boredom on the Tundra. I’m imagining your youtube channel riiight now

I kiid I kid. Actually I use heated distilled water to sanitze (leave it in until it cools) so using alcohol sounds not only wise but easier. I mean I pay for the distilled water …not like it’s free. I might have a problem just dumping out all those little shots down the drain. but I guess I could dump them into a spray bottle to clean my car windshield :wink:

Aand once more for the new folks, here’s why I sanitize my HDPE bottles…


I wish I could get away with that but I have hard water. When I do this I can see dried white calcium spots inside. If you don’t suffer this issue, no worries. That’s a reason I do a final distilled water rinse.


I don’t drink vodka but I will tell you those $5.00 fifths of vodka from the Dollar General come in darn handy for sterilizing a world of things and it’s food safe! (I save the pint of Grey Goose for the 1% I put in my base)


Dealt with hard water when I lived on the east coast-don’t miss it at all, and I miss hefting the bags of salt for the water softener even less!



Heavy water, that would be great in a mix!


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i usually getting them for one use and then throwing them away (i am getting my bottles really really cheap and this is why i don’t really care)… though when i need to wash one or something i usually use very warm water and some alcohol to do it… though some flavors (like cinnamon and cinnamon red hots) don’t always want to cooperate and leave their smell from the bottles… so i need to clean them again and again unfortunately :frowning: