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Cloning A Pink Lemonade


I’m trying to clone a pink lemonade a local shop used to make before the TPD came in, It was their homebrew stuff, i have experimented with various recipes , the element pink lemonade clone is phenomenal but it isnt at all like the stuff i used to get and i’m craving it. I have a little bit of the real stuff left but it has expired so i dont want to risk vaping it. On the front of the label it says " Sicilian Lemon, juicy raspberry and a shot of fizz" … i thought for sure after reading this that the recipe would be “The best damn lemonade” by vurve but i made this last night however although it was somewhat closer but it’s missing fizz and the lemonade is weak while the raspberry is too strong, i thought adjusting the percentages would work but doing that just messed everything up, Does anyone know what the recipe could be?


@Pentine has put some work into pink lemonades, he might have some input he could share with you.


Just basing it off of the name, I would say that they are using FA Lemon Sicily. CAP Lemon Sicily is too new for them to have been using it, I think. As for the raspberry, hmmm… I still need to try more but of the ones I have tried, TFA Sweet Raspberry is good in small quantities and INW Wera Garden Raspberry is good as well, more sweet but not as strong as other INW flavors I have tried. Other raspberries I have tried are CAP Raspberry V2, yuk… May need to try it again, but I did not like it. Also tried INW Raspberry, oof! What a floral taste! I even used it as low as 0.25% with no luck.

As far as the fizziness, is it a fizziness or a citric type sharpness you are tasting? I have tried MANY times in using Citric Acid in my flavors anywhere from 0.25% to 7% with no luck in adding any sort of quality.

When making a lemonade, it is a very delicate balance as when you use lemon, it tends to fade/ get lost easily, so trying to get that good strong ‘lemonade’ flavor can prove very difficult. Still need to push Lemon Sicily as far as it can go, but I have stopped using it for now as it is not a very strong lemon flavor. Maybe I pushed it too far and it muted? Maybe I didn’t push it far enough and it is not getting that nice, lemon flavor I want. Who knows.

I have tried about every single lemon/ lemonade flavor out there, which ones do you have?


I’ve tried it all over the place, but I generally find that .2% tops is plenty.


I noticed you said you had made it last night. I’m not familiar with the recipe, but I would say that it needs at least a few days of steeping before you write it off.
Flavors meld and change over the steeping period. I use a magnetic stirrer to sort of speed up the melding, but I still find nothing beats steeping. If you have one, I would recommend leaving it on the stirrer for at least 24 hours (that means the stirrer is running the whole time, so make sure to turn the speed down a bit, or you’ll have a mess.)
After the 24 hours it will have usually melded the flavors together (at least with fruits. Creams and custards take 72 hours), then you will be able to determine if it is closer to what you’re looking for.
I can say that most shops (at least the U.S. ones) won’t go for very complex flavorings, simply because of time and cost. This works to your benefit, finding a match for cloning is more easily obtained.
Sorry, I tend to be long winded. Hope I have helped in some small way and that you find your clone soon. Best wishes.


Very good points. Yes, for the most part if you’re trying to copy a store’s house juice, stick with tpa, cap, fw, la. Well known and low priced. And yeah steeping is your friend!! Even straight up fruits usually benefit from at least 3-5 days of sitting on the bench.


i am as well , at least you use punctuations . I just keep typing and then go back and separate with commas , bc im such a slow typer i cant type and keep up with my thoughts


My favorite lemon combo is FA Lemon Sicily with Cap Juicy Lemon. TFA Sweet Raspberry is my favorite. INW Raspberry does have a place. I found that it is in the bottom of my trash can. Very hard flavor to work with IMO. I agree with @Pentine that balance is key with lemonade and changes over time. I always shake and vape any lemonade I have mixed. I have put FA Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) with lemon at around 1 to 2 drops per 10mi for another citrus layer that I like. As for the fizz, maybe TFA Champagne at around 0.25% I have not tried that but I will now that this put it in my head.


Fully quote @CarolinaVapen ! Exactly my thoughts when reading your post. The key is making a sweet&sour layer with lemonades for the Fizz I was thinking about the CDD (Club Der Dampfer) champagne.
But, what about asking them the recipe? At the end of the story it was a local shop…


The ones i have tried are Lemonade Natural FW , LA Lemonade and Flavorah Lemonade, Flavorah seems to be stronger than LA Lemonade. The fizziness was 1000% there , it wasn’t my brain imagining it like i’ve seen some posts say before. I have no idea how they do it, i’ve emailed asked for the recipe but they are not willing to part with it. It was basically like having a smirnoff ice drink without the alchohol and with the fizz. If i could recreate that i would be sorted for eliquid for life haha. As for Lemon Sicily, the FA edition i’m using , haven’t even ordered or tried CAP. Also i dont think steeping will help, when i used to order this they used to go in the back and mix it on the spot so in my opinion it can only be a shake and vape


I can’t speak for every b&m, but the ones around here that used to “mix in house” were actually only mixing a combo of different nic strengths of juice that was already steeped. The one I used to frequent would have a bottle of 24mg and 0mg for each juice and they’d mix the two. Based on that I’d say it probably is steeped already when they go in the back and “mix” it.


the most typical pink lemonade imho comes with like

Cap Juicy Lemon
FW Lemonade (Natural)
FA Lemon Sicily
TPA Blueberry Wild
TPA Strawberry Ripe
maybe a tip of CAP Sweet Strawberry
and ofc citric acid

if you want to try something different than Bluberry Wild you could probably go with Sweet Tangerine (CAP), INW Raspberry, and also use a tip of Tpa Citrus Punch too with the rest of Lemons…

indeed there are alot of ways and alternatives to make a pink lemonade, all depends on what you want to make and the balance you want to bring in your juice :slight_smile:

i would suggest you post here the percentages and flavors + notes you have kept of what you’re using so i guess we could give some ideas with it :slight_smile:
gl and hf :slight_smile:


Exactly what I was going to say!
I don’t know of many shops that do a custom mix on the spot. Especially if it is one of their in house juices. Not having a batch pre-steeped and ready for nic mix is just bad business.