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Coffee Vape From Beans


I was thinking I would do mine same as an NET extraction, maybe hot out of the roaster. Extract in ethanol and distill in the freezer for a couple of months. You would need to be careful combining with nic, could be a hell of a hit.

No offense to daath at all, he is a coffee junkie/roaster too, but to me smooth morning kick tastes like burnt popcorn.


I never could understand why people would ruin what might be good coffee by killing it with minor coffee, like when they brew coffee as thin as water… just doesn’t make since.


My thoughts exactly!


Ok…so I was taking a nap and it hit me. Put the beans in the flavor mix and let it sit in the window for 3 days where the uv light can get the flavor out of the bean and “then” add the nic base…so I dont degrade the nic…what do you guys think?


You guys are killing me on coffee. Passion and seriously expensive addiction (equipment, not beans). (It’s gotten so bad, my work coffee grinder weighs 50lbs) Let me just say that if you want to know for sure what properly done coffee tastes like, order from George Howell. There are many other good ones, but he is the Godfather and no one does what he does to preserve origin flavor. And then i’d recommend getting a decent grinder and brewing in a Chemex, pourover, or French Press if it’s all you can do. If you have a typical Mr. Coffee coffeemaker, don’t waste money on good coffee. You would not be drinking a beverage that I would even call coffee.

I am really trying to restrain the rabies on this one. Coffee is almost universally done poorly and a good cup is extraordinarily rare. When people get their first cup from me, they instantly get it. I love to watch their faces. They’re like, “this doesnt even need cteam!” I love it. I have to admit though, in 10 years two native Yankees have spat it back in the cup, saying it wasn’t even coffee. That it tasted like hot fruit juice. Both were dry-processed Ethiopians that had a strong blueberry flavor. I’ll shut up :wink:


UV is bad for most organic compounds, hops in beer for instance. It’sthe main reason why most beers in green bottles get a skunk flavor.

IMHO opinion i would minimize the UV exposure and oxygen exposure. Just put it in a dark place, maybe heat it a bit, but Iam afraid all the methods including NET will extract a lot of caffeine, which is bitter. I almost wonder if pulling a shot and then extracting/seperating in ethanol then evaporating it off would be better. The problem with espresso is that much of the flavor comes from insolubles and oil.

Frankly, I’m just scared to toy with coffee. It’s a sacred thing to me. I drink a shot and a cup a day, no more. But those are my special moments.


Nope, dont shut up. Im gonna keep working at this. Im having a Cafe Oro as we speak.


I remember freaking the locals out in Italy, when I was stuck there waiting on a military flight out… I would go down to the bar every night and ask for 4 cups of espresso in a single cup… then a shot of JD to add to it… they would just “stare”.
The cost… priceless


Holiday parties at my place often start with a espresso martini …maybe a little Godiva chocolate liquor


My brother used to drink Chocolate Martinis like the world ending…they are delicious.


My bean experiment failed on the taste test. It passed on the aroma test though…11 days steep.


:frowning: that sucks! I mixed mine 50/50 with caramel cheesecake today, it was good, but just a hint of coffee. Gonna test it out at full strength tomorrow and see how it is!


Today I sampled my coffee e-liquid I made using sous vide technique. I placed 10ml into a food safe vacuum bag with one coffee bean ( wiped off the surface oils). Set the immersion circulator to 115F and let it dance for 24h. I then placed the liquid in a glass bottle, discarded the bean and let it sit in a dark cool room for 3 days. There was no colour or visible oil separation. The taste was amazing! A bit light( I’m currently doing 3 other batches). It tasted like the way coffee beans smell, no bitterness. I’m bumping it up to 4 beans per 10ml.
And I’m doing a coffee and vanilla bean ice cream.
Gonna pick up some kona coffee when I’m in Hawaii this September, I wish I could go back to Jamaica and buy coffee off the farmers, like I did last time😭


I don’t know how to tag people, but thanks to everyone who helped me figure this out!!


Ahhhh @BoDarc @Kinnikinnick @Scottes777 @vapedini @ozo @BoyHowdy


Cool Bean , pun intended!:grinning:
Glad you are having success with that , I am amazed you could get that much flavor from one bean.That makes me think the sous vide will be the way to go! This is very helpful @James35 thanks for letting us know!

FYI If you ever have an issue with bitterness you can try using a little PDO “propanediol” in your mix.I have been using it with some naturally extracted tobacco’s and really liking it.
The downside to using PDO is that it will mute certain flavors over time like vanilla and cinnamon.
I have found though that it takes longer to mute those flavorings ,2-3 weeks , than it does to mute the bitterness , within 24 hours .This gives me a pretty nice window and I simply make no more than I will vape.Also it doesn’t kill all the flavor just the top notes so I have successfully added more vanilla and/or cinnamon as needed.


Well after almost a month (28 days) the coffee flavor is still very light. What a bummer. It’s weird because I swear the coffee flavor was stronger after a week than it is now. I might try it again and triple or quadruple the number of beans. I used one per 10ml in my test. I think I might also leave the nic and flavors out and throw the vg and beans in the crock pot for a day. Upside of this method though is that I’m not getting any bitterness. Back to the drawing board I guess!


Definitely appreciate your (and everyone’s) continued efforts on this front!! As well as the updates!

Also, thanks for the info on the methodology! For some reason, until your last post, I thought you were already doing “just beans in pg” (like you would a “NET”. lol

I believe the latter approach should yield the best (and most repeatable/consistent) results! At least theoretically! :wink:


Maybe I’m wrong here but I would think that the bean would need to be “opened” to get the flavor to extract. You don’t put straight beans in when you are making coffee. The outer shell protects the bean and keeps its freshness. It’s only after you “open” it by grinding that you release the flavors. But that also opens up a whole new issue of having to strain the grounds out. Shouldn’t be too difficult in PG but if it wa in VG then that could be a real pain!

As a test to see what I mean, put a bean in your mouth and test for flavor, then bite down on that bean and see the difference. Kinda of like a chocolate covered espresso bean. After you suck off the chocolate not much coffee flavor but after you bite into it, boom, huge flavor.

Here would be my method. I would take a bean or two and break it up with a spoon so there would be bigger pieces. Then put that in some PG, heat it for a bit in some hot tap water in a UC. Then strain that through a coffee filter.

As for the bitterness, different beans will play a part here. Some are more acidic than others just like in a brewed cup of coffee.


Absolutely. The first test I was just kind of winging it and figured I’d throw it into a mix that I thought coffee would be good with. This time around without the flavors I think I’ll have a much better idea of what’s happening without them getting in the way.