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Coil Building show offs!







The thread


Thanks TinMan. I sure used a ton of cotton on that build…LMAO!


Equivalent to about half a bag of cotton bacon v2 I am guessing :joy:

Sick build.


That thread is worth a look. It shows a lot about how @Jondamon started with a simple twisted build, and look at the stuff he is doing now.


That thread is what inspired me to start building. I knew I built a chain coil a while ago, but I could never find it… Thanks a lot TinMan.



The weirdest coil I ever built… it wasn’t vapeable at all, but it looked good.




This was the finished article of the wire prep from above.

I’ve also purchased a new lense for my DSLR called an OSHIRO 60mm super macro that has the ability to go in 2:1 magnification.

So once I get the hang of it shots should look a lot clearer.

I ended up skip fusing the frames rather than straight fusing to give a better view of the ribbon inside.


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SS fused Clapton’s are the $h!t. I can twist a couple up for ya if ya want. 26g core 36g wrap


I would really love that!


Some product shots for acwebsite that’s goibg to be stocking coils of mine.

Below are some
Fused claptons mech spec, regulated spec, series spec

Aliens and framed staple Aliens

Framed staples.


plus ten words


I see a lot of you have some sort of mod just for testing. Like with the base mount, did you make that?


Mine’s a coil art 521 tab, came as you see it. I build everything on there before putting them onto my mods.



woftam shared this in deals and looks as tho they are still available $15.59usd


wow, @woftam were your ears ringing bud?


i just happened to be reading the thread when you posted lol was going to post same link :rofl:


To be continued…