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Coil Building Show Offs (Part II)


I have been building some Claptons looking for a stable TC coil.
I thought about the various twisted core fused Claptons and decided to do it one better on a whim.
I used 28.8 Vertibraid stainless wrapped with 32 ga. Stainless.
It was easy enough to wrap but as usual for twisted coild was springy on the coil building. I pulled it very tight on a 2.5 jig with 7 wraps and battled it into a TFV4 RTA deck.
The results are very positive after the dry burn and tweaking it into a contact coil. The ramp up was a bit slow. The mass of thing coil was very consistent and held its heat giving me a nice warm vape at .47 ohms. The Revenger mod cycled really easy and locked in at 350 f and I was able to actually pull a second hit after firing!
I’m going to add this build to my favorite clapton list.

Coil Building show offs!
The Mad Dog V2 RDA by Desire Design Reveiw by tbt127

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Actually, the other one is well over 2K posts and I’ve been meaning to “Part II” it for awhile. This can just be the continuation thread. :slight_smile:


Twisted 2 strand 32awg ss316L paralleled with itself and lashed together with 36awg ss316L in a loose helix, 4mm id in the rafale x with the centerpost removed, got so excited that it worked I forgot to get good pics and just wicked it up and started vaping lol


Here’s the Vertibraid fused Clapton coil on deck ! It’s also worth mentioning that braided wire like Vertibraid increases the resistance of small builds like the TFV4 needs. This is because the total length of the core wires is much longer inside a braid. Lots of nooks and crannies for juice to vaporize on. It’s vapes wonderfully and juice hungry!



I really like this build as well…I actually just started doing this about two months ago using a 32 gauge vertibraid wrapped with 34 gauge…all SS316L, and I am very happy with the results, although I haven’t tried it with TC mode. I can’t remember the number of wraps in my current build (and it is in a full rta so I can’t check atm!) but I know it is a 2.5 ID dual contact coil at .24 ohms…very nice!


Yes there are! It creates more than decent clouds, but the flavor is phenomenal!


todays build simple 2x26/36 ni80 fused claptons. in the Iconic rda sweet <3


7 turns of Advanced 28/3 Stainless Vertibraid. .57 ohms just right for my Strawberry Cream.
Instant on coil heating with great TC control.
Its a great wire inspite of the difficulty wrapping and wrestling into the TFV4 RBA deck.


154 fused clapton made.
150 ni80 2x26/40g
4 3x26g ka1/40g ss316L
i promise my fingers are dead now :smiley:


Why would you make that many coils?


because there is more poeple like u that cant make coils and ask me to make them for them :wink: :smiley:


Wow what a nice guy! When should I expect my shipment?


Send a pm on discord with what kind of specs u want :wink:


I can make coils. But you know that!


ofc i just like to give u mart as comments :wink: your never around on discord so i mess with u when i can here :wink: haa


Yea I need to go get on discord because I’m getting into trouble here!


Twisted 26 wrapped in 36, all SS316L courtesy of @Dan_the_Man, these are fabulously tasty!


2*26x36 ss316L fused Clapton’s in the rafale x series deck, 3/4 wrap on 3mm ohms at .34, again courtesy of @Dan_the_Man, these are some mighty tasty coils!!


you pulled some nice colors out of those coils, nice job