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Coil Building show offs!


ok, I have never seen it on his web site.

have you used the TM cubed? I really want one



My first time messing with .3 ribbon! I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out but there’s plenty of room for improvement. These are framed staples made with .3 n80 ribbon, 28g n80 frames, and 40g kd wraps. 3mm ID ohms this out at .2 on the nose


Just dropping some pics.

This is a double groove fused staggerton.
6ply .4k1 ribbon claptoned in 36ss304
Framed in 28n80
Double groove fused in 44n80

8x28/38 all nichrome80 Aliens not used yet as a dual they’ll be around 0.04ohms lol.

Some fatty framed staples.
12ply .3k1 ribbon
Framed in 28n80
Fused in 44n80

And some new toys.


That 44g staple is clean. very nice.

Nice squonk kit bro

Do you post your builds on instagram?


The squonker looks nice but I am digging that double stacked Endless Mod


how do you like it?


ya it’s cool, I just can’t vape tube mods very well, my thumb always end up hurting. LOL.

I am a squonker at heart though.


Yes I do post on Instagram.

I have nearly 5.2k followers on there.

Been doing a lot more promo work though lately and building customer coils during live feeds etc.



@trypophobicmods on Instagram there’s also an FB group where I got mine.

They’re not cheap that’s for sure but they’re quality.

Mod maker 510
Mod maker bottle
Sterling silver contacts
3D printed alumide case that can be dyed any colour within reason (some colours don’t work well lol)
Acrylic door in various colours including stabwood doors.
Fire button colours to match or not lol.

£120 with £7 shipping special priority £27 international.

It’s all I’ve been using pretty much since I got it.


Just dropping a few pics.

Framed staple Aliens
Fused claptons
Framed staples
Series fused claptons.



Nice Dan SSFC

How many ply?



I should have put all the info eh?

ya six ply .5 ribbon framed with 26g and wrapped with 38g


You going single coil?


yes, It will ohm out way to low.

That is something I should ask YOU. Do you know what I would use to build a dual staple stagereton like that one and have it ohm out at least at .09 or higher?

I would love to be able to build that double groove fused staggerton. I really like how it looks


0.3kanthal ribbon 6-8ply
28n80 frames

Should be as a dual 5 wrap around 0.11


awesome, thanks. I don’t have .3 I do have .4, I guess I’ll have to go shopping. thanks man


Buy a good sized roll there’s a learning curve to handling .3.



I came across these while cleaning up my vape stash today. I think most of these are at least 2 years old…