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Coil Building show offs!


Nice! :+1:


Wow I remember how you used string them all together!!

I’ve been building since April ‘15. So yeah possibly even nearly 3 years.

Some pictures I’ve taken lately using my new DSLR Nikon D3400.


Awesome, How much do you sell your coils for? do you have a price list or a website?

oh wait, are you from the UK?


Yeah I’m from the UK.

All those coils in the packs are for expo vendors at their booths.

No website just yet.

Hopefully after expo I’m working in partnership with another guy to be able to offer my coils through his website.

If you want any prices though hit me up in a DM as I’m not a business yet the prices are cheap.

Once I turn to a full business the prices will have to increase due to taxes and over heads etc.


Simple but tasty, twisted duel 28 gauge ss316l reverse twisted with a single 28 gauge ss316l, all by hand. It’s in the rafale x rda with center post, ohms at .52 use 95 watts when not in tc


I dug up some old threads several months ago and you used to do some serious wicked coiling.


Thanks @TheTinMan1. It was fun back then. I found Ti and Temp Control and it ended intricate coil building for me.


Oh boy. This really make me want to build on my Rafael. Haven’t used it for like 15 months.


I love it for building with ss, although I haven’t tried the serial/parallel quad coil build in it yet lol that center post makes for some interesting options.


Haven’t posted a in a while…and haven’t really built anything worth photographing either! Standard 28/38ga aliens and some triple 28ga/40ga claptons. I guess by now these are vintage or old school coils!


Does Staggered on mesh qualify?


What do you think? Super easy to wick!


You wick that with a roll of angel soft?!?


Charmin! Only the best!


Scott wicks better and doesn’t leave lint behind…:wink:


chewy ,:blush:


You’re not suppose to chew it!!


yea flick it aside and continue


if it looks like bubble gum whats he supposed to do!?


My most complicated build, only because my kid broke the shower and my husband had the drill out anyway.
The app I used to take the photo will not let me have it back! :rage: But it was the easiest coil calculator I have used. So I stole it back with a screen shot.
If I took a photo now, it wouldn’t look so shiny. Just a bit darker now.