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Coil Building show offs!


All you need are a bunch of cars and it’d look like the 405! Cool.


i know u love my builds. 28g 6x0.1x0.4 ribbon 28g fused with 40g all ni80 :smiley:


Very nice brother, I’m not that talented.


That 40 gauge wrap makes it look so smooth


yeah 40g does make coils looks really nice. tobad it´s a pain in the but to wrap :stuck_out_tongue:


I can only imagine, I had a bout of frustration with 36g ss316L earlier that ended with about 3 ft of it kinked up and in the trash lol that should teach it a lesson


Intricate builds are really a work of art. I spent a lot of time early on building “what was intricate back then”. Some of them performed very good and others were just duds, although they looked good.

Of a lot of these new builds out there, do you find they offer a better vaping experience over certain wire types and a simpler build?


you should try 44g


Only speaking for myself, but I don’t think kanthal Clapton’s are worth the work compared to twisted SS316L, although I haven’t tried ss Clapton’s yet. I’ve been playing with 3 and 4 wires in parallel and I think that’s possibly better than twisted, at least with fruits. All the more exotic builds seem like art more than flavor, but idk lol I’m happy with ss and ti In fairly simple configurations


That almost looks like plain round wire lol


most of the fancy builds you find on instagram don’t vape very good. Like you said,they are works of art.
On the other hand, some vape very well.


I love looking at them lol no desire to build them though


I may not make jewerly as such shown here, but I do like looking at it, and admire the skill level.


ya, I only build ones that I can use. Like staple staggertons. Staples, staggered, aleins, fused claptons


This is in no way to diminish the value of more complex coil structures, but I’m not convinced that more complex builds would yield significantly better flavor for me. I use some parallel clapton builds and in a few atties it seems to make a small difference. Moreover, I think it is relevant that I tweak my recipes to the atties and builds that I use for vaping. Here we have two dynamics that I believe are mitigating each other.


Fused with diffrent core like parsllel ribbon gives a better vape. Buth say alien vr fused nopp its just for show.


I do use 44g alot. I have a fused claptom somewere its 2x40g claptoned with 44 :joy:


This is what I’m exploring. I haven’t made a fancy coil build in quite some time. I’m wondering what’s the difference from back then up to now. The builds or wire type or what.


From what i notice when i started building 3 years ago its better quality of wire. And the mods give better power so they can handle the bigger build to give them the power and glory as they need. The reason i love the fused and builds with ribbons are that the coil itself acts like a wick. And have massive surface area. I start to use crazy single builds as they can now have the surface area to be killer.


6ply .08 framed with 26g wrapped with 40g ohms out at .08