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Coil Building show offs!


I still need to try this!!


That’s what that is.


I still think is the best flavor coil.


to build or to make a twisted coil? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol to make that twisted coil


@Cutlass92 sorry for the gung gooor :smiley: buth that´s a chaincoil :wink:


grabb 26g and a useless mugg. stand over the bed and spinn it like crazy :smiley: if u dont have a drill :smiley:


Oh I’ve got a drill. I’m very handy. :grin:


Someone build my invention and let me know what you think… It’s a fused Clapton deviation. The core is a single 26g next to a pair of twisted 28g, wrapped in 36 or 40. I call it a Gatorback because it reminds me of an alligator’s tail. It’s not exactly ‘jewelry’ but it seems to work well. I’d love other opinions though.



Looks sweet!


Only people who have made it are friends who probably wouldn’t give an unbiased opinion for fear of hard feelings. They’ve said it’s ‘surprisingly good’ (which likely means they are surprised I came up with a working idea), but I’d still like some other people to try it and give honest opinions, knowing that I don’t get offended.


Excuse the nasty bits I dropped it on a construction site taking it apart.

I’m not happy about it I just put that wick in 2 weeks ago. :rofl:


:flushed: 2 weeks?! Rayon right? That’s nuts…


Yep, rayon is the shizznet!


What is the difference in vape and ohms if it is a spaced coil? I just use regular twisted kanthal 24g but I was wondering why people do spaces?


I really want to try this as well, when I get some smaller wire.


I run tc temp control so spaced coils give less variances in ohms, I run low resistance builds as well, they normally ohm out around .12-.14. With tc contact coils can throw everything off, because the way the mod tells how hot the coils are is by reading the resistance and as the coils heat they can move a small amount and change the resistance which in turn will give you hardly any vape or causing the gates of hell to open.


Spaced coils are good to eliminate hotspots. You don’t even need to pulse, fire but it is recommended just for assurance. Once I tried spacing the coils, have never gone back to contact coils. Flavor is arguably better too.



Prep for fusing later at some point.

4x.4k1 ribbon frames staggered in 38n80

8x.4n80 centre.