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Coil Building show offs!


Good job Bro :+1:


thanks man :grin::+1:




yeaaah one step at a time eh haha :laughing:


Sweet work man. You prob seen Squidoode before but just in case…I learned from his videos, he is very easy going and the shots are great. From easy to advanced.


Just trying to give you some ideas… LOL


yeah I’ve been watching him, it was his videos that taught me how to clapton and braid :+1: guys a legend


Awesome…super glad to hear it :thumbsup:


Christmas is coming soon :sunglasses:



love that :+1:


Now if I could make one of these small enough put a cotton ball inside :thinking: LOL

I might have to break out the Tig welder… LOL


could stuff that with cotton and connect it to the mains…might work :smirk:


That’s gotta be one helluva top cap!


Ya I’ll call it my kick ass blaster mesh ball coil… LOL


My pile. Found these after I already gave away a couple of handfuls. Twisted o the left, clappies on the right


Using this wood clothing pin to spin Clapton. If any ones interested I could post a quick video tomorrow


I’d like to see how you do it. Thanks!


Found one on you tube.


Beat the heck out of using my finger. After a week my finger are sore and ripped apart. I had to figure out something else. It works.