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Coil Building show offs!





Wow. I couldn’t bring myself to actually vape on shit like those. LOL

Those belong in a vaping art gallery IMO.


LOL… Ya it get’s to the point Are you making coils to vape or are you making coils for Art.
But it’s fun and some do vape better than others. Now days I just stick to Clapton’s and fused Clapton’s :sunglasses:


don’t know about anyone else but I get a real sense of achievement out of making a hand built coil that looks cool, I don’t really want something that makes it easier…you know?..


Ya I know I do too But if you want to take it to the next Level like I said ( Break out the Tig welder ) LOL


oh I’m all over the next level, I’ve been working on my own ‘uber massive f&$k off mega clapton building bastard’ machine… it’s going to work great…
I’m working on the name…


“The Puginator” lol


LOL… But seriously I can make my own handmade Notch coils and other cool ones
I had aerospace welding certs



Here’s a couple of pictures of a competition entry I’ve just uploaded.

Specs are 3x26 twisted, flattened and polished (2x26n80 1x26k1)
2ply .4k1R claptoned in 40, 1x26k1, 26n80/38n80 Clapton all twisted together and run parallel. 6/5 wrap in favour of the 3x26.

Uploading… Uploading…


Holy eff…these look like pieces of jewelry. Wooooo…awesome work as always!


It is like a fucking jewelry of a build. Amazing coils man and i’m sure you put some hours into those.


Nice @Jondamon You are Very Talented and your work shows it :+1:


Go straight past art gallery, and proceed to museum quality my good man.

/scrapes jaw off floor




holy shit…I would actually wear that :flushed:

unbelievable, well done sir :clap:


:joy: hahahaha brilliant!


I’ve literally just smashed all my coil making stuff up and put it in the bin…
I’m now going to sit in the bottom of the shower naked and cry…


Nice going @Jondamon. Now look what you’ve done. lol