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Coil Building show offs!


A few coils I am working on



I wish I had a good camera


And one more


It’s so pretty! I would wear that as jewelry! Lol


Awesome builds @Nimbus2!


Been a while since i made anything of any significance and I was out of almost everything but my Buddah was in dire need of some new twisties so I tried my hand at a staged heat affair, certainly not my neatest but they work incredibly well considering I made them with scraps 🖒


yet more scraps banged together, had some fun today :grin:


I picked up a 454 big block clone for $5 just to fiddle and get better at building.Thats silly S.O.B.but hrs later.hehe i made a face thats vapeable.


Couple of pictures.

This was supposed to be an attempt at an enigma coil.

During the interlocking alien fuse I realised it was laying flat just like an interlock should and not creating that ridge of one alien wrap in the centre.

It was that moment I realised I’d only used 6ply of ribbon instead of 12 lol. Doh!!!

28gn80 frames
6ply 0.3 ribbon
2x38n80 interlock
2.4mm 5 wrap
0.19ohms single coil
Merlin Mini RTA


Very nice brother. :ok_hand:


Must first attempt at 40g aliens. Even with magnified glasses i have a hard time seeing this wire. My vision just ain’t what i used to be! On top of that my damn decore got hung up on itself about a third of the way through and the parts that got caught ruined the spiral spacing. Either way, their ugly but they vape awesome!


Looks really good to me. Nice job!


Fully agree with you anything over 38 for alien wrap immense.

I managed a clean 44g alien single coil (because that’s all that was clean lol) in my avocado 24.

It’s super difficult to see.

I still don’t own any magnifying visors etc yet either lol

Well done though as I know how tough it is


Dude, totally not ugly! But if you can’t bear to look at them you can send “ugly” coils to me, I won’t judge them! :laughing:


First stab at a framed staple enigma Coil so not as clean as I would like but hey it’s an achievement so I’m posting it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

10x 0.4 ka1 ribbon
2x 28g frames
35g SS enigma wrap
Mounted in the skill rda
3mm ID
0.2 ohms single coil


Nice work bro, i wouldn’t mind trying that one in my Unholy :wink:


Thanks @Fenrir1 been meaning to try this one for a while now and so tonight’s mission was the enigma Coil lol vapes fantastic dude a real flavor machine :+1:


That is sexy as hell. Nice work man.


Gorgeous! Nice work


Wow! Simply wow! Bravo!