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Coil Building show offs!


Looks genius to me.


Looks like i didnt do that right at all! LOL.

The double post is my fault, sorry.


Heck yeah it is :+1: this thread was made for everyone. :slight_smile: you killed it with those twists.


D00d, ive been building coils for around 5 years starting with evods and i have NEVER made anything remotely like that. 3 strand twisted is the fanciest thing ive made and now i just wrap plain spaced 316L duals.

Your build is definitely worthy to be here.


Yeah, it’s cool man. I have never seen any like it. And now I gotta try to make one!


Thanks much!


He aint kidding either, we are in chat discussing tanks and builds, hehe.


really nice coil , looks like medusa’s hair , really digging this one


Mad Max. Great name. The coil looks like a “no bullshit tolerated” type of thing.


My first time messing with 40g…not as bad as I thought it would be but i have a feeling that stagger fusing is going to be a relentless pain in the ass! Here’s some 28g/40g fused claptons, 2.5 mm id, 8 wraps


Just some new pics.


sup bro? nice coil! Details please including the ohms? :smiley:


The Alien is a framed staple.
4ply 0.4x0.1k1 ribbon.
Framed in 26n80
Alien wrap in 38n80
3mm 6 wrap 0.11ohm dual.

The Staggered Staple Fused clapton
6ply 0.4x0.1k1
28n80 frames
Staggered and fused in 38n80
Single coil 0.18ohms.


You got a PM from me.


your works amazing as always @Jondamon

awesome talent man :ok_hand::wink:


Cheers buddy.

For those of you budding builders that don’t have money to drop on camera equipment to take shots of your coils here’s what I use.

iPhone 6s
Macro attachment
Camera+ app
Pixlr app
And a “light room” see picture.

This light room has a built in 5500k LED strip in the front top section that requires a power bank to run. In steps my trusty MVP2.0 lol.

The on thing I did do was add 2 sheets of A4 copier paper over the LED strip to soften the lighting as it was a little harsh.


I have exactly the same lightbox as you, and a bigger one but that’s more fidly, I switch between my edge 7 and my Canon eos 700d, tbh you can hardly ever tell, I wasn’t too happy with my macro though so I’ve just ordered a new aukey one alond with their tripod and panel lamp, hoping my next set of pics will be better :wink:


@_memel . check this out.


Thanks for reminding me about the Camera+ App, I bought it ages ago, awesome app!


I have that same light box and it does have some harsh light. I’ll be sure to try the strips of paper to soften it up! Thanks for the tip