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Coil Building show offs!


0.33 on the duel, bit higher than I’m used to but it vapes awesome :wink:


Man you said you wanted to step up your game and did you ever! Those interlocking aliens are impressive to say the least. And the corrugated staple with the two shiny streaks of ribbon wire running the length of the wire is my favorite. Thats a badass photo man, looks great


Looking good dude :ok_hand::ok_hand: just out of interest what gauges are you using?


Yeah really been a good week for knocking out new builds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s been a journey that’s for sure but deffo been worth the blood sweat and tears lol


Think it was 30 nichrome on 26 cores so pretty chunky, I’ll get finer the more practice I get I think 🖒…all I did was lick my fingers and let off the pressure a bit lol…took my time with it 🖒


30g is way to thick dude you need to get down to about 34g really and you will see with thinner wire it’s so much easier.


Next weekend man :grin:🖒…need to stock up lol, ive got 7 things in the pipeline to review this and next week so prob wont get the time though, today was a rare occasion where as I was free and clear so I had time to play for once lol 🖒 thanks again for your help though man, was pleased with the progress :grin::wink:🖒


Your deffo on the right track dude for sure :ok_hand: like I say though you will see what I mean about it being easier with the higher gauges for the alien :+1: keep practicing mate it will get easier and cleaner over time :wink:


all i will do is single coils or clapton which comes on a roll so i just wrap it thats awesome imo thats even too much for me ill keep buying anything special btw @PTcoils i need to order some fat coils that will last long and i could use for a LYNX rda but i want these made specifically for that rda is this possible


Yeah sure man no problem at all :+1: what kinda thing did you have in mind?


A little fun in the Derringer.


ill look im not sure of the specific name but ill check 2nite ty


Spaced Clapton in the Velocity v1


Ok dude no worries :+1:


I think I need a better Camera.


Can someone tell me WTH this is?


A mess of wire, duhhhhhh!!!


Looks like they coiled upwith a 1 mm ish id then stretched it out (like you do an alien wrap) flattened it then coiled it again


PT is right about the thinner gauge wire being easier to alien but I gotta say man that those aliens you made with the fat, lightly spaced wraps were pretty neat looking. I really like those! I bet it was hard as hell getting that wrestling that 30g lol


Your not wrong there dude lol, and thanks 🖒 Now I know its easier with finer stuff I’ll deff be goin down that route haha 🖒