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Coil Building show offs!


The higher gauge stuff allows for a little room for adjustment on the fly so if you have under stretched slightly you can apply a little extra pressure to gain the stretch needed to get the wrap right without collapsing your cores :+1:


Thanks man, excellent tip again, ill put it all into practice when I get some time again :wink:🖒


To me this looks like someone claptoned a low gauge wire like 28 or 26g and then stretched it like they were gonna alien it. Instead of an alien wrap though they just coiled it up like it was. Its pretty, but I bet it vapes like shit!


And good luck getting the hot spots out.


I ordered me some @Jondamon coils and all i can say is that he really make some nice coils.
Just look at these pics (his own pics). Have really enjoyed these.


They look amazing.


Awesome craftsmanship !

(Throws box of wires in the bin)


Glad you’ve been enjoying them.



6 core aliens for your viewing pleasure lol
6x 28g ni80
35g SS alien wrap
4mm ID
0.1 ohm
Mounted in the skill rda


Just seen them on fb brother. :ok_hand:


Hahaha sorry dude I like to post in as many places as possible lol


Haha. No need to apologise brother, love a bit of coil porn. :yum::ok_hand::+1:


Same as @Pattie with the seeing and indeed the commenting on facefuck
But seeing as we’re on home turf now I’d also like to add that
I hate you.



I hate you 2 brother :kissing_heart:


Geez get a room you two!


First dual coil build with coils that I made (I’ve only done dual builds with premade coils so far). I don’t know what you would call these, but it’s twisted 26g ss with 36g ss twisted around that. Y’all can help me out with terminology. Lol
Ohms are at 22.


Solid work!


Eff yeah sis! :punch:


I think it’s safe to say that I can now effectively do enigmas.

I’ve found that by lining up my cores and getting them perfect that I can run through a whole piece (10") of enigma wire on full speed on my drill, around 1800rpm’s without having to secure the cores anywhere along the stack.

Wrapping them though is a very delicate operation.

Too much pressure when holding the wire will collapse the enigma under your fingers.

If you use any part of your finger nail you’ll open up the enigma and reveal the ribbon stack underneath creating a huge gap between the enigma fuse.

This is just a quick pic from last night.

28n80 frames
12ply 0.3 ribbon
36SS304 enigma fuse.

Mounted in the brass goon 24mm.


Truly nice looking coils bro :thumbsup: