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Comment after nickname?


Hey, the bait is fresh…I am old.


I think the one my sis gave me when no other babysitter was available fits you as well.
Uncle Buck!
You know he won’t let anyone get hurt… but you know when he babysits ,the kids are gonna learn some crazy shit!


@JoJo, I lost my “April Fools” title at some point. Regular is getting kinda old, can I be “Irregular” instead? :upside_down:


hahaha sure! :slight_smile: Unless someone told me they wanted to keep their tag, I took them all off on April 2. :stuck_out_tongue:


WooHoo! Thanks JoJo!


I would like Coil Man @JoJo


I like that. Too bad we can’t change our own to suit our mood or situation of the day. I can think of a lot of things I might put depending on the day. :lol:


Hahaha probably a good reason for that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Way cool thank’s @JoJo


Yeah the poor servers would be smoking with every body entering forty or fifty different comments a day. :smile:


Ahhh @JoJo I think that was supposed to be coil BOY


Sorry Rob just couldn’t resist. It’s my true nature coming out since I’ve been here a while. Let’s just hope I can keep reined in most of the time. :wink:


It’s ok your Jedi powers don’t work on me


“Old Jedi Mind Trick” It’s not that the trick is old it’s that the Jedi is old. lmao


Dear @JoJo would it be possible to have “Actually a Saint”
:innocent: pretty please?


OK thar’s pushing it isn’t it. :joy:


lol…good karma? hahaha


I was thinking “Alcohol girl” Or Booze Wench.

I’m gonna catch hell for this one I’m sure.


Booze Wench!!! Lmao, I like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

AAAND, betcha didn’t know, I really am a wench, see? (Hehe)


Used to call a buddy of mine’s little sister Beer Wench we’d be doing something and one of us would holler Yo Beer Wench and she’d bring us a beer. She was about 17 or so and so nice she’d open them for us and everything. After a while we noticed that they beer’s weren’t as full as they should have been. So we spied on her and discovered that the was taking a good sized draw on every beer she got us. No wonder she was so nice about getting us beer.