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Comment after nickname?


Hey @death and @JoJo how do I get a statement or title after my nickname when I post. I would like
JEDI VAPEMASTER if possible.


Gotcha covered :slight_smile:


This outta be good. LOL Be creative JoJo


Geez talk about faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast thanks I’d give you a hug but my arms are a little short :heart_eyes:


Desktop notifications are amazing! :smiley:


YAY AWESOME! Nice JoJo :slight_smile:


You know, I’m getting a little tired of seeing Regular after may handle, Don’t really have any idea what I would want though. I’m open to suggestion…


How about " the dingling"?


Lemme think on this. It was super late at night and I was a little sleep deprived when I came up with what I did for April Fools’. :stuck_out_tongue:


Watchdog Extraordinaire (or somethin’ along those lines)
Because you’re always looking out for us.




Can pass on that one, been there, did that, all through school…


Or perhaps the Lurking Pervert, just kidding, don’t you dare…lol


I say we take you up on your dare!


I thought Mr. Funny Bones was kinda…well, funny cuz you post the greatest memes and jokes. :stuck_out_tongue: And kinda funny cuz of the grumpy cat on your profile.

You should come hang out in chat. :wink: The boys think Maester of FW, Ringling Bros. Circus of Vape, and one I’m not gonna say cuz it’s from @therabidweasel. LoL.


How about The Joker, no sense straining our brains…


I like it!! :smiley:


Oh man… Pretty sure I’ve mentioned booze in more of my posts than anything else. If these were auto generated I’m sure mine would just say booze hound… Lol!!


I would hate to see her pick mine lately…
I’m just an old gynecologist.


LOL Not takin’ the bait!